Sunday, December 14, 2008

Of Tools and Super Glue and Princess Things...

Sheridan is intent on hanging up her artwork...and she's going to "do it self!" Tyler is glad that another kid is showing intense interest in his love of tools.

I'll sandwich my idiocies with cute pictures of the girl. So, here's my (long) funny story.
I am NOT coordinated or graceful, but now I am SCARRED!
Last week, I was trying to get down an iron that's been sitting in our hall closet. Not because I was going to iron (my last fiasco with ironing curtains has left a lasting mark on my right forearm 3 inches long...) but because I was being nice and getting the extra iron for someone else. Because, if nothing else, I'm unfailingly nice, right. Right?!?
Anyway, it was stuck behind several games and some wooden home decor items that have been put away for Christmas. Heaven forbid I actually move everything to pull out one little iron! I was adroitly easing the iron out when (BANG!) the Memory game tried to end it's frustrating situation on top of all the other games. While dodging the game, I did not see the aforementioned wooden home decor hurtling through Memory's shadow into my FACE. (I guess the decor was frustrated by my replacing it with Christmas stuff.)
I retreated to the bathroom, managing to keep my language clean all the while (really, that was the most impressive part of the whole fiasco!). When the haze of pain cleared I looked in the mirror, fully expecting a sweet bruise on my upper lip. Instead, I was greeted by a half-inch long gash that was bleeding freely. Looked like a 12 year-old boy who'd gotten into a tussle with Dad's Bick. Sigh. And to make things even lovelier, it wouldn't close up with a bandaid--it kept gaping open and bleeding all over.
Tyler, very smart guy that he is, suggested super glue. Fabulous! I busted that out, squeezed it onto the cut (after noting on the package that it bonds to skin in seconds--just what I needed!) and watched in horror as it spurted out of the tube and ran down over my lips. I had the presence of mind to open my mouth, though, so it didn't seal shut! Phew! The second time, I got things right--cut sealed nicely with a little super-help. Of course, it's right under my nose so the FUMES (which are toxic--good thing I'm not pregnant any more!) were threatening to asphixiate me until it dried. But, you know, I avoided the Emergency room and the stinking huge copay to have them super glue it for me at 11 pm. So, all's well that ends well! And, yet another reason to not even TOUCH the iron, let alone use it!

On a brighter note, for any who doubt, Sheridan is fully becoming a Princess. Her Dad watched her create this sweet ensemble, all by herself!

They Just Can't Get Enough

They, being far-away family members. Enough of what? Henry. Due to popular demand, here's some more picts of le bebe.
In some he looks like Sheridan, in others he looks like Jack...In all of them, he is CLEARLY a Vigue-child. Yes, the Vigue genes are strong with this one (but which of my kids AREN'T they strong with, really?)

Neither kid looks too sure about this picture. Seconds later, Sheridan was trying to shove him off of her saying "All done! All done, Henry!" Ah, portents of things to come!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

More picts of our cute baby and expanded family. Thanks, Jim!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas comes a little early...

During family songs, the kids both wanted to sit by they dragged their seats over to where he was sleeping and settled in. To distract the kids from mauling their baby brother (he is a kid magnet, I guess), we had to procure and decorate a Christmas tree. It's a fun distraction--a lure that is impossible for the older kids to resist!
Our neighbors also passed along a nice little gift for our kiddos--a used but large football toybox. The kids like it. They like it a lot. They think it is a kidbox.

Falling in Love All Over Again!

( Sheridan just wants to hold her baby!)

I have to say, I'm feeling much better now that I'm not pregnant. This has been a fabulously easy recover and Henry seems (thus far) to be a very mellow kid. We'll see what the next few weeks brings!
(This is Henry, coming home!)

Wanted to add some more picts for the faraway family...but you can feel free to enjoy them, too! Thanks for all the congrats and well-wishes--we're grateful to have such good friends.

(Jack LOVES his baby brother!)