Friday, January 22, 2010

Help in Haiti

Donations made via LDS Philanthropies go 100% (no overhead deductions) to the intended recipients. If you've been reluctant to give to charities, but you want to help, I'd encourage you to give through LDS Philanthropies. Gifts to the Emergency Response fund will help people right now in Haiti.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Good Morning, Christmas!

We had such a fun Christmas and Christmas Eve. We spent Christmas Eve morning with Tyler's Grandpa Larry and Grandma Diane and her granddaughter (and her granddaughter's husband and puppy. Guess what my kids' favorite part was? Yeah, the eggs. NOOOO, the puppy, silly!). We also went up to SLC to visit some friends. Then, we headed to my brother's house in Orem. It is so nice having my brother and his family close. The kids LOVED playing with their cousins and we loved eating such yummy food. Thanks again, Deon (since I know you're the one who cranked out such fabulous treats!).We had our traditional Christmas Vigil before bed. A tradition in Tyler's family, we read the story of Christ's birth and sing all the Christmas Carols that we can (that fit in with the Christmas story--we had to explain several times to Sheridan that "Frosty the Snowman" and "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" don't really fit in with the story of Christ's birth!) And then, Santa Claus visited us. No, really, he came down to the kids rooms and they got to SEE him! Whoa. He gave them each a candy cane and a stuffed puppy and they were SO EXCITED I can't believe that they actually slept.

And then, the kiddos didn't get up until 7:30 am! Oh, what a beautiful morning! Merry Christmas to Tyler and I! We all crept upstairs to discover that Santa had indeed left some goods for us all.
Here, Jack has discovered the Leapster he's been begging Santa for. Sheridan discovered her high chair, and Henry was wondering what the slide was that Santa left for him...or maybe he just wants the electronics in my hand!
Jack asked for a guitar, and he got a REAL lighting mcqueen acoustic. His favorite part? Un-tuning it!
Sheridan got some SWEET dress ups from the grandparents. She decided to climb Henry's slide in her "glass slippers". They are, like, 3 inch thick acrylic platform heals. She had a different dress on all day long. Really, she was in heaven!
Henry was STOKED to rock out to his Popper Chopper (yep, it's one of the ball popper thingies but it looks like a motorcycle and plays an electric guitar "bad to the bones". He loves pushing the button again. and again. oh, yes, and again). He's one rockin' kid.

It was such a relaxing, easy-going day. We opened presents and played all morning (I got my upgraded detachable stand/hand mixer and Tyler got a compound miter saw), and I got to make a delicious Christmas dinner. Daniel and his family joined us in chowing down. Brined, roasted turkey, Pop's bacon-studded stuffing, Deon's Smashing Sweet Potato Souffle, mashed potatoes and gravy, 2 kinds of homemade cranberry sauce, rolls, and peas. Apple Bavarian Tart for dessert. Sigh. I was so full and happy at the end of the day. Family time, thoughtful gifts, and good food, and the celebration of Christ's birth. It doesn't get any better than this!

Christmas, Christmas Time is Near...

Well, we did have lots of fun the whole month of December. Decorating the tree, building candy houses, family dinners, and a visit to Santa!

Jack loved Santa. Henry was not impressed. Sheridan refused to even approach him unless I held on to her. She still managed to let him know in no uncertain terms that she was expecting a high chair for her Yellow Bear. Jack spouted off a long list. Henry...well, he mostly cried.

The kids had a great time putting up the tree. And building candy houses (more candy probably went into their mouths than onto the house...good thing Tyler and I get 'em done!). Unfortunately, my cheap-o $7 WalMart hand mixer couldn't take the royal icing. (Gasp! NO!).
I know, shocker (I should've figured, after its "5 speeds" turned out to be the same speed, even whilst whipping cream). Fortunately, the starts aligned and my in-laws had a replacement (far, far nicer than the $7 version!) under the tree. But, shhhhh, that's a surprise for later! (oh, and please excuse the crazy picture placement--blogger is not letting me move stuff!)