Monday, March 31, 2014

March: In like Demo...

Nothing says "WELCOME, MARCH!" like demo-ing the second bathroom!

We knew we would want to sell our house in the next year or so, and the downstairs bath was a major eyesore. I can't find pictures of it in all its basement-bath glory, but picture this: vinyl floors that desperately tried to look like beige and blue tiles, stained with giant splotches of yellow. A double-wide white vanity with re-made doors (from routed MDF, leaving the edged rough and splintery). A chipped and stained cultured-marble sink and counter, with the sink centered under the low soffit in the sink so that you could bash your head into the soffit every time you used the sink. Cute mirror set to the far-left of the vanity due to said soffit, thus allowing you to only see your ear when you washed your face in the sink. A bathtub lined with a tile-look panel rather than actual water-proof tiles.

We killed it. We killed it all!

 Gutted view from the door. 
 Gutted view of the sink area. Toilet area covered by bucket.
 That low, low soffit. Repainting has begun!
New floor and beadboard. Toilet is in, hooray!
 The vanity area now NEXT to the soffit. Look, you can wash your face in the sink and look in the mirror! Amazing!

The demo actually started the Summer prior, when we ripped out the tub surround. Over the next months, Tyler worked like a boss and installed a waterproof surround. We repaired and painted wall, ripped out the nasty floor and vanity, installed a new floor, installed that lovely beadboard, I ended up painting the vanity white, but it is an actual wood vanity, so I could do that and not have MDF crumbling apart on me. Hooray for home improvement!

Other than Tyler's work trip to California (it is rough to be him, staying on the beach for board meetings)