Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 2014

Ah, April 2014. It was a good month. April always starts with the celebration of my favorite. Tyler's birth. Since he rocks, I made him a deliciously decadent Strawberry Chocolate Mousse Tart. Yum. Yum yum yum. Just like him.

 Mousse Selfie
We were able to enjoy seeing our niece in Sandy City's production of Beauty and the Beast, Jr. They sang and danced...and she was the  most stunning tableware I have ever seen!
Of course, most Aprils bring Easter! I did not grow up dyeing eggs and was leery of the production when we first started with our kids, but they love it so! This was the first year we used food dye rather than the kits. The kids were so excited at how vibrant the colors turned out.
 With so many kiddos dyeing so many eggs, we ate a lot of hard boiled and deviled eggs for the next several days.
 Thought I'd show off my new hair cut and fairly new Kitchen Aide. Gorgeous. Love 'em both.
The kids' piano teacher called me early in the month and asked if we wanted a free piano. My jaw must have hit the floor. Living in Utah, most people pass their pianos on to their family members, so I figured my dream of a piano would only come true through a Craigslist deal. Turned out she'd been praying for a piano for us and a family member asked if she knew of someone needing piano! We were stunned! Thrilled....but knowing we were planning on moving, Tyler did not want to move the piano up the stair only to move it back down in a few months. So the kiddos got to start practicing with a piano in the garage! I know, you envy our parenting skills!
We also thought it was important to Cole to learn the proper way to ride a rocking horse. Obviously a high priority for us to teach him this month! In other news, this is the beginning of his luscious curly hair...Happy April (a year ago)!