Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Three-a-saurus Rex

(This is the first of MANY "catch-ups" of the past several months. Enjoy...maybe I'll actually get Christmas up before July!)
Loooong time ago, around November 25th, our little Hankster turned 3.
He is the size of a 4 yr old. Seriously, that "one of these things is not like the other" kid--he is a pound or 2 shy of what Sheridan weighs.
(Opening gifts, birthday morning)
Yep, 36 lbs, baby. He's also taller than a bunch of kids in her class (but since it was MONTHS ago that we measured him, there is no way I remember that now!).
He is a talker, but he pretends to be shy when he's getting used to someone.
Henry loved dinosaurs and trains around his birthday (thus his Dinosaur Train cake).
(Another shot at fondant. I think if I actually finished the cakes BEFORE the party, they'd turn out more like I envisioned. But...that would require me to stop procrastinating...)
He's now really into Cars 2 and Batman (why Batman? No clue). He also just like regular cars.
Henry's favorite color is light blue.
The kid has always loved books. Still loves them. It's so fun to see him sprawled out in front of the bookshelf with a pile of his favorites.
He loves to throw stuff. Balls, toys, smaller children...Ok, not really smaller children.
Henry is our funny guy. Sheridan looks in the mirror and says, "I am so beautiful, aren't I?" Henry looks in the same mirror and declares, "I silly. I so silly!" And it's true! He is great at making us laugh.
This guy has always reminded me a bit of a bull in a china shop. He just barrels ahead, intent on whatever his end goal is and doesn't notice the poor teacups along the way. But he is never intentionally mean-spirited. While he can be stubborn, he's probably the least stubborn of all our kiddos.
Despite being the big, tough, strong guy, he is a love. Henry loves to snuggle and gives great hugs!
For his birthday, we had his local cousins over for a shindig (since he doesn't actually have friends that aren't relatives...It's hard to be the 3rd kid!). Henry was so excited to have all his "friends" come party. They played with all his cool new toys (by that, I mean he put all his new stuff in his new roller bag and hid it in his room so no one else could touch anything) and we had the ever-popular homemade pizza. Then we had cake. Birthday parties are so easy for three year-olds!
Our lives truly wouldn't be the same without our sweet Henry-boy. He is so fun and silly, so energetic. Henry is such a BOY boy and we love every second (that he's not hitting his sister or wrestling the baby or throwing toys at us). Happy Birthday, big guy!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lost and found...

I have lost my camera cord.

You know, the one that actually lets me download pictures onto the computer? Since our computer crashed and burned (and the one our friend rebuilt doesn't have a card reader) I can't put up cute pictures.
So when I DO find said cord, I can finally download Henry's birthday picts (from November), Christmas picts, and Sheridan and Amelia's birthday picts from this month. Not to mention a gazillion other fantastic pictures that are just waiting on the memory card to breathe some life into the blog.
Until then, I'll leave you with this.
We have had a sick kid almost every week this year. Yup, this year. 4 rounds with the stomach flu. This dovetailed nicely with Tyler travelling 4 of the first 5 weeks of the year!
Sheridan is now FIVE. She only outweighs Henry by a pound or 2.
Amelia is now ONE! How did that happen? She now weighs about what Henry weighed at 5 months. 15.75 lbs. 30" long. Off the charts in both directions (ok, she's just about 75% for height...but the charts don't go low enough for her weight!). I'm glad she's my 3rd skinny minnie, or I'm sure I'd be worried about her...well, I would be if I hadn't recently seen pictures of myself at a year. Whoa. Skinny babies are genetic, that's for sure!
Have a fabulous last week of February.