Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pomp and Circumstance

This is my handsome nephew, Jason. The impetus for our trip to Portland was his graduation from Evergreen High School. He's headed to BYU-I in the fall. We're so proud of our guy (I was going to scan in the picts from his birth to include in this post, but ran out of time at my parents' house. Sorry!).Here he is with his Dad (my oldest brother, who, btw, will be our house guest in a week while he comes out to start his new job! So excited! His family will follow soonish--after they take care of having a baby, getting Jason off to school, and figure out what to do with the house...).

Congrats, Familia Bird! Now to shove him lovingly from the nest...:)

Road Trippin'--the toddler years

Isn't he cute? That's his picture-taking face.

Well, we recently (like, at the end of may) took a trip to my oldest nephew's high school graduation. I made the executive decision that driving now makes sense for our family (as in, it's WAAAAYYYY cheaper to drive to Oregon than to fly the 5 of us). So, early-ish one Friday morning we headed out for a 13-hour-drive-that-really-takes-15-hours-with-kids-who-need-lots-of-stops.
I'll be honest. The kids were really really good. Jack and Sheridan only slept four about 2 hours after Boise (despite driving until almost midnight Utah time) and did great until a few hours past bedtime. Henry...
Honestly, Henry did play with his toys a little bit...but mostly he slept. Hooray! I never expected that from one of our kids!
Sheridan...was a little crazy. But she is two.
Jack...he's come a LONG way since he was 4 months old (from 4-about 20 months he mostly screamed during any car ride. You know how most kids fall asleep in the car? Uh, yeah, not Jack. Ever.). He handled the long ride like a pro.

I must say "hooray for DVD players!". Really.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Finally a pict of the kiddos in Easter gear.
Henry looks a little afraid because he is a little afraid. Sheridan has a habit of being a little too friendly with his face.

Caught in the act! Sheridan was busy dancing with her "prince"

Friday, June 12, 2009

"Mom, HELP!!!"

...is one of the scariest phrases from a kid. Well, perhaps "nothing" in answer to the old "what are you doing" question...

Jack announced that he needed help after appearing with a bloody nose. We were wiping it up when I noticed blood on his fingers.
"Uh oh, Jack, were you picking your nose?"
"Yep." No shame in this kid.
"Jack, that's why you've got a bloody nose! Please don't pick your nose anymore--you're hurting yourself!"
"But Mom, the boogers were TASTY!"