Monday, December 23, 2013

Recital THIS

One of the numbers from Sheridan's Winter recital. She's still loving dance.

Count 'em...5!

Once upon a time, there was a boy who wanted to be a paleontologist. 
That time was now. That boy was Henry. Still is, actually.
So, he needed to have a Dino party for the big 5th birthday. 
 We kicked things off by excavating dinos frozen in ice. It was so fun, the kids have asked to do it several times since. Hint: Remember to freeze the ice the night before. It works better that way.
 Then, we played "T-Rex Says". It's kinda like "Simon Says" with a dino hat.
 Then we were on to "Drop the dino in the bottle." They couldn't get enough of this old-school game. Hint: for 5 year olds, a wide-mouth canning jar is probably more realistic than a milk bottle. Just a heads-up. 
 Henry wanted Dino Cupcakes. Done! (That may or may not be frosting left over from Jack's cake. Don't judge). 
 Happy birthday to WHO? That's right, big guy, to YOU!!
 We wrapped up cake time with a little volcanic eruption. Aw, the power of baking soda and vinegar!
 He was a little happy!
 For his actual birthday? Angry bird cake, of course! He loves blue angry birds...
Favorite color: light bright blue
Favorite food: Pizza 
Favorite things to do: play with his siblings, do puzzles, play board games, read books together, color, be silly!
Favorite brands: Wild Kratts, Angry Birds, Diego
Grade: Pre Kindergarten
Henry is known for speaking of himself in third person. 
He wants to be a paleontologist, scuba diver, and race car driver when he grows up. And also a dad. He did, however, inform us that paleontologists don't go to church or have families, and they go out to eat all the time. Who knew?
Hank is pretty sensitive. I have never seen crocodile tears like he puts out! He is a little more introverted than the older two...but that's like saying Tyler is an introvert. Nope, still an extrovert!

9er...Wait, did I catch a "niner" in there?

I cannot believe our oldest has turned 9. This year has FLOWN by so quickly!
Yeah, it's real funny, Jack. Real funny.
So, for the birthday, Jack opted to have a "late night" with his two best buddies instead of a party. 
It was awesome. I highly recommend it!
Actually, he wanted to have dinner with his cousins, Uncle Corey and Aunt Jenni, and his piano teacher. Unfortunately, the cousins got sick. Fortunately, they got sick so they didn't come to what turned out to be Strep Fest '13. But that's another story.
So, no pictures of dinner, but we did get a few shots...
Jack's buddy made him a satellite, with a crystal and everything! It was awesome and creative.
 Jack's other buddy got him a robotic fish. It was crazy cool!
 Uncle Corey and Aunt Jenni got him his very own Creeper. I think if you play Minecraft, you'll know what that is. I just think it's a little creepy--but Jack loves it.
 Then we lit things up. With birthday candles. 
 Jack chose a cool dragon for his cake. It was really fun and pretty simple to make. 
 In a nutshell, it was fierce.
And then those crazy boys went to the Fun Center and played like crazy. Tyler took them. Seriously, easiest party ever. 
 Jack's actual birthday was a few days later. We still had the body of the cake, so, hooray! we were good to go. 
Favorite color: Green
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite book: He loves just about anything Percy Jackson
Grade: 3rd
Hobbies: Reading, computer games, piano, entertaining his younger siblings.
Loves: Reading, being on stage (singing or acting, he's not particular), friends, the computer, animals, fantasy, magic, and his family. 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Splashtastic Halloween

It is my tradition. I spend months prior to Halloween, trying to pin the kids down on what they want to dress up as for Halloween. They settle on 3 different costumes each before I can trick them into agreeing on a family theme. I am not sure how much longer I can be so tricky, but I'll take it for this year!
The theme: Ocean Creatures.
 Amelia wanted to be a Pink Octopus. Had to be one, in fact. Unfortunately, she does not hold still for pictures. We'll take it. 
  Henry also does not hold still for pictures, but he  was an Orca Whale. He actually kicked off this theme by choosing and sticking with an idea. Thank goodness! 

Sheridan is currently in LOVE with turtles. She HAD to be a turtle.
With a tutu. 

Jack actually had the hardest time deciding on which creature he should be. We went back and forth on a lot of ideas. We finally settled on a Manta Ray. His was actually one of the hardest to figure out...but it looked SO COOL in real life!

 Cole got no choice. We had a Clownfish costume, and I added these cartoonish eyes so he could fit in. Unfortunately, he had to ride in the carrier the whole time, so his costume was on backward! The indignity!
And then I had a few extra hours the day before Halloween. Every Nemo needs a Dory, right?
So I made a little Dory hat. People may have laughed out loud when they saw me. Perhaps it was due to the slightly-crazed grin on my face.
Tyler was a good sport and wore a hoodie-turned-shark. 
 He was fierce.

 Happy belated Halloween from the Ocean-Vigue Family!!

And then, there was October

I am not going to lie. October was one crazy-train for me. 
It started off awesomely. We got to host Elder Howell before he went into the Missionary Training Center, bound for Nevada! He was so sweet with the kids and such a great guest. We enjoyed giving the kids the chance to get to know a missionary!
 October was warm enough to take some family walks down the river trail and have our family photos taken by my super-awesomely-talented friend.
 (When Henry saw this picture, he casually stated, "Oh, that's the one where I was saying 'CawCaw!'" That made us love this picture.)
 We're walking. But you probably figured that out.
 The REAL Vigues. 
 Sheridan was diagnosed with an under-performing eye. She got these chic frames.
 Tyler worked hard the first half of the month to help pull off some fabulous BYU Broadcasting meetings...and then, two days later, he went to INDIA for his new job!! (I'm going to give you a hint--this was a big reason the month was crazy for me. The big-deal BYU meetings + job change + week-long trip to India leaving me alone with 5 children. For a week.)
 So, Tyler was offered a new job as Executive Director at Rising Star
 Not only did he get some cool duds...
 He also gets to be part of an organization that is helping leprosy-affected colonies in India. They work to provide medical care, education, and micro loan opportunities to the families in leper colonies. It is very, very exciting that he gets to be part of such an amazing organization.
 Tyler loved the people he met in India. He loved the opportunity to see what he's helping these individuals work toward. He is excited to work with the individuals in India who are helping these colonies lift themselves out of pretty horrible circumstances. 

 (These were Tyler's digs for that week).
And, yes, he returned home via the north pole. 
Just in time for the kids' Primary Program at church (ok, he really got home the day BEFORE their program. I shouldn't exaggerate!).
 Here they are, cuteness personified!
And then, it was Halloween. 
But that gets its own post!