Monday, October 1, 2018

September, Remember?

September is a lot more interesting now that we have Eliza to celebrate!
We kicked off September with a birthday breakfast of Mickey Mouse waffles!

I made her a pretty smash cake and a pretty cake to share.

She was interested in the smash cake and wasn't quite sure what to do with it.

She figured it out pretty quickly. 
And messily.
Smart girl!

She enjoyed opening up gifts with Daddy's help. She really got into this book from Grammy and Pop.

And she kept giggling over this gift from Grandpa and Grandma Carla.

Her sweet friend, Kelli, also surprised her with a Peek-a-Boo monkey while we were at church!

And her buddy, Porter, kept chasing her around the Relief Society room. I think he was trying to give her kisses, but I'm sure he'll deny that later. Hee hee.

This month, we took to the kids on a hike to The Grotto. Do you want to guess who was excited about the hike and who was so perturbed that we forced her...uh, them, to hike?

It was a really easy hike, though, and by the time we got there, people forgot they were annoyed by forcing them to have family fun, that they actually enjoyed themselves! Win!
I love this goofy boy!

Jack carried Eliza for the entire hike!

I think Sheridan finally forgave us for dragging her along. Look how beautiful she is!

Cole clearly enjoyed soccer this month. I think he's showing off some sweet moves here.

We got to meet our friends' Corey and Jenni's new car addition. She's a beaut.

We also scored some tickets to a BYU game. We lost, which was stinky, but we got to hang out with Tyler's sister, Rebecca, so that was a win. Also, I forgot how to be a grownup and have normal faces in pictures. Oops.

I got a shot of Eliza's favorite game, steal the Take and Toss container from the other babies. She takes it, and she tosses it. It's good fun. She also like to take and toss socks (other babies' socks as well as her own), binkies, car keys, pens, and chapstick. Her dream is to someday take and toss someone's phone. 
Micah learned a new spell this month. Here, he's showing his bff, Richard, how to do the "Potato!" spell. Backstory: his siblings were running around the day before, casting curses at one another. Someone kept using the "Protego" spell--and that's certainly closer to a regular word than "Wingardium Leviosa." He must have thought the kids were running around pretending to turn one another into potatoes, so he thought he's show his friend. 

Amelia got to make a "moon cake" for science, lucky girl!

Tyler shaved off his beautiful beard. I miss his beard, but I'd also missed his whole face. I guess I win either way, because I have him!
Amelia loved to play goalie in soccer this year. It was fun to see her skills improving.

Sheridan got to make pizza for math class. I think kids these days get to have way more fun learning real life applications of math and science. 

Henry earned some more awards at Scouts this month. 
His response? "I actually passed off more stuff than this."
Oh, silly Henry!