Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Princess has her Castle!

It's Sheridan's birthday on Tuesday.

She wanted a Princess Castle cake.

This is what I came up with (thanks, Beth, for finding a starting point!)
Not perfect, but (as Tyler reminded me often) it's for a 2-year old. She isn't gonna care. (The frosting didn't go on as smoothly as i'd like...)

Here's her reaction.That tells me all I need to know!

You didn't like that carpet anyway, did you?

I have discovered that with 3 kiddos, someone is getting sick more often than not. We have little breaks between illnesses and I think that all is over but then...
For example, I was recently visiting a friend down the road (you know, an end-of-the-month-let's-share-a-thought kind of visit). She has a son just a little older than Jack and a daughter a year older than Sheridan. They are a fun bunch of people that we're trying to hang out with more often. Jack and her son love love LOVE to run around like crazy maniacs while we're there. This day was no exception. Sheridan was playing rather nicely with a baby and begging for "somefin' a eat" (something to eat). The boys stopped momentarily to...ok, I don't know why they stopped...and suddenly Jack PUKED all over my friend's living room carpet. Nice, beautiful, modern long carpet.
I was so taken aback I could only sputter out, "Jack are you ok? Do you need to throw up again? (I am so sorry, I had no idea he was sick!) Are you ok, buddy?"
He looked blankly at me and barfed all over the floor again. Then he announced that he needed to go to the bathroom. Five minutes later he and friend were running around again while I tried desperately to mop the curdled eggs out of her formerly flawless carpet.
Wow, that was one of those awkward moments, let me tell you what!
I offered to rent them a rug doctor, but fortunately they had a carpet cleaner.
Which was really handy when Sheridan puked red gatorade all over the living room.
I guess what doesn't kill a friendship will only make it stronger...right?

Monday, February 2, 2009

I love BYU. If you like the Y too, I think you'll enjoy this
Best Photos of 2008