Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hospital Pictures and Goin' Home

Lots of pictures, as the title says, of the hospital and going home. Brace yourself! So ready to have this baby!

Lights, camera, suction!

Daddy is in awe of his new baby!

First cuddles with Mommy.

A little one-on-one with Daddy.Cute little feet!First bath. She was not impressed.

First Checkup (and seeing siblings for the first time).

All the kiddos at once (with convenient protection for the newest!)


First family picture!Sister-Love! Kiddos enjoyed a little cuddle time with Daddy and Amelia. The TV wasn't too bad, either...Aww, totally un-prompted hug! And then he was done.

This big brother couldn't get enough of her!

Such a sweet baby!

Torturing her with CLOTHES! Sheesh, what kind of people are we?!?

Amelia was NOT impressed with having to get dressed to go.

Still not impressed with getting ready to go!

Loaded up and nearly ready to go.Home at last!