Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Independence Day!

The 4th of July would not be complete without a parade. We did NOT sleep out all night to reserve our spaces, but the guys still managed to find a nice spot in the shade. It was the mildest parade weather we've had in our whole time parading here. Later in the day, we swam, had my nephew and his buddy plus my cousin and her kids over for a BBQ, and set off some fireworks (where we got rained on). I don't have pictures of that other stuff cuz I was cooking and baby-holding and trying to keep my kids from searing myself on their sparklers. I do, however, have pictures of the parade. She is ready for some Princess spotting! And Adam was ready in case any Jedis showed their faces...

My sister and her cute little Annia. Annia didn't quite know what to make of all the parade noise and craziness at first. My sweet Amelia!

Jack was getting ready for the soldiers to fire off their guns and Tyler was making a new friend. Here, when we do a parade, people come together. Despite the look on his face, Henry really was enjoying himself! Coach Dave Rose's car. Cuz hey, why not? All of the guys are in this picture (you can just see Adam's back behind the other guys...he was too involved with the parade to be bothered by a picture!) This was Sheridan's favorite. Wonder why?

Who knew flag shops could dream up such a parade number? The Force is strong with this one...

Goooooo Cougars!

It was a nice, not-too-hectic July 4th. We LOVED spending it with family!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

One Hip Baby!

At Amelia's 4 month well-check, we got some bad news.

When they did the little leg check, her hip had a loud "clunk". That is not good.

They sent us in for a hip ultrasound and x-rays. It is never a good sign when the ultrasound tech does one hip fine, and then upon doing the other calls the orthopedics and asks for someone to "come down and take a look at this." We weren't able to get into the pediatric othopedics until July 6th.

Sure enough, Mia's left hip naturally wants to dislocate rather than be nice and happily snug in the hip socket. They put her in a Pavlik harness to try and get the socket to form.
No dice.

By Saturday, Tyler noticed she wasn't using the bad side AT ALL. She'd kick the good side like crazy, but would only twitch the bad side's foot. She was upset almost all the time (which is very, very irregular for our happy little girl). She barely slept and wouldn't eat a full meal. An email to the doc and she told us to take her out of the harness and bring her in on Tuesday (12th). Sigh.On Tuesday, we learned that the harness wasn't working. The next option is a body cast (google "spica cast" for what that option looks like). She may or may not need surgery--the doc will only be able to figure that out when Amelia is under anesthesia--but will be in the cast for 3 months (with a change in the middle).

August 25th is C-Day. Wish us luck!