Wednesday, February 10, 2010

3 for Tea

You know, Sheridan's 3rd birthday started out right...with PRESENTS! She was so excited to open up her princess tea set, pink roller bag, princess book, princess wand, princess magnet activity, princess aquadoodle, and princess CD player (thanks, Daniel and Deon!).

Are we sensing a theme here?
I think Disney hit the nail on the head. Either that, or they put something very addictive in the Princess stuff, so that the girls are instantly hooked. Kinda like Colonel Sanders puts into his Fried Chicken (what movie, what movie?!?). Seriously, the girl is a princess addict. She might need an intervention.
Hmmm, maybe she just needs a good drink. From a princess cup.
She did get one non-princess thing (yep, one). A new doctor kit, the kind most of us had as kids. This might be good, since the old Dr. kit was more of a surgical kit. The leaders in her Church nursery class were becoming a little concerned that she was always trying to cut their legs off and remove animals from their stomachs.
"Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit!"
(Yeah, she's far more dangerous with the odoscope than with the scalpel). Crazy doctor, LOOK OUT!
And then, it was time. Time for a PAR-TAY!
The princess, ready for action! Decked out in a lovely teal dress from one set of grandparents and the crown and shoes from the other! Thanks for helping our princess look so lovely on her big day!
The tea is calling to Henry. "Drink me! Drink me!"
I count 4 princesses, ready for some tea partying!
Royal Freeze Dance (notice how the girls are holding their dresses? Yeah, I couldn't believe it either.)
A curtsey! Sheridan had her 3 favorite princesses over for the Grand Princess Tea Party. They were all glamourously attired and ready for some FUN. Oh, and also for some tea.
Pouring the "tea". It's amazing how much pink lemonade a little girl can chug from such tiny, delicate cups! Henry was in heaven. He loved eating the snacks and banging the china cups together....He was soon removed to the dining room!
Those are some happy princesses (and princes)! That's because I gave them lots of sugar.
On their way to cupcakes and ice cream, someone mentioned "presents". Once the girls decided it was time for presents, there was no moving them. Literally. They parked it in the doorway to the dining room and opened presents right then and there!
"Oh, I need my new scissors to open it!"
Princess cupcakes for everyone! Do you notice a heavy "pink" influence? Weird.
Sheridan's friend was coaching her on the proper way to make a 3. Very important stuff!
Like any good party, we ended with BUBBLES! Fortunately, it was in the 40's, so more than warm enough for some outdoor fun.
And then, she took a nap. Phew!
This evening, we had my brother, Daniel, and his family over for dinner. Her choice: Pizza. Shocking, yes, I know. The cousins ran around with each other until it was time for some food. Unfortunately, I was preparing that food and didn't get any picts of cousin-fun. Uncle Corey and Aunt Jenni made it over in time for a cakely masterpiece.
She wanted a princess cake. With Aurora, Cinderella, and Snow White. I tried to convince her to just have 1 (I'd been planning on doing one of those skirt cakes with the barbie stuck into it, but I wasn't doing 3!). She was insistent that it have her 3 favorites, so...this is what she got. She was absolutely delighted.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Once there was a snowman

...and that snowman had a snowwife, a snowson, and a snowdaughter.
Tyler's parents gave us a "snowfamily kit" and Jack couldn't WAIT to use it! Fortunately, we had snow shortly after Christmas. Tyler helped him build the forms and Jack went to town.
Unfortunately, 2 were beheaded in a freak act of violence by maurading teenagers. The females were spared (at least until the sun really came out...and in the sun they melted, small...small...small).