Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sibling Love

We recently returned home from New Jersey (more to come on this) and have been going through a re-adjustment period. While in NJ, Sheridan was working on some "big girl" stuff--napping in a "big kid bed" and using the "potty" (btw, I kinda hate the word potty--probably because my dear mom still used that word when we were teenagers--mortifying! Remind me to change the phrase by the time my kids hit that age! I love you, mom!).

Well, Sheridan decided she was ready for a full-time big kid bed when we got home. We threatened her with the crib (which is still up in her room) if she left her bed even once. Well, the first night in a big kid bed we heard nothing...but when Tyler went to check on Jack and Sheridan that night (they share a room) he found two people in Jack's bed. Jack had his arm around his sister and she (along with her smelly yellow bear) was fast asleep at his side. It was adorable--especially since we never heard a peep from them!
Potty training has not officially begun, but we've been casually working on it for a few months. A few nights ago, Jack hollered from the bathroom, "I need help, Dad! Come wipe my bum!" Sheridan scrambled out of her chair, yelling, "I'm coming, brudder! I wipe your bum!"
Now that is sibling love!

Happy Birthday!

My sister-in-law, Ashley, is now 29! Congrats on surviving so long...we love you!