Sunday, February 10, 2013

Birthday for Shei

Turning 6 is super-fun (we have it on good authority from a fairly new six-year old).

You might get to go on a ballet-date with your dad.
You might get to meet a queen and a king...
 Maybe even meet a princess!
(at BYU's production of The Sleeping Beauty)
And if you're really lucky, you'll meet a good fairy!

Then, you might get to have a sweet fairy-themed party with 6 of your closest friends!
You might get to make a flower crown (with only a little help from Mom).
 You might look super-duper cute in said crown. 
 You might even get to paint (PAINT!!!) a dreamy fairy of your very own.
If you wear a smock, that is.
 You might pretend that those super-cool fairies don't look like butterflies with popsicle sticks for legs. Pink will make them legit.
 You just might get a cool cake with large frosting roses and some good fairies on top.
 And it might even have SIX candles on top. Because it is your sixth birthday and all.
 Your mom and dad might take blurry shots with their camera phone while you and your friends eat the tasty cupcakes YOU decorated!
 And then, your dad might get free tickets to a BYU men's basketball game that VERY night! And more blurry camera phone pictures might be taken. Maybe.
 And then, you might wake up the next morning and think, "has this all been a dream?" And then you will probably realize that it WASN'T a dream, but that today is your actual birthday and those other events were just leading up to PRESENTS! That might make the morning of your birthday pretty exciting for a Sunday.
 You should probably wear a flower crown. It gives you the perfect present-opening look. 
 Then, perhaps, you can wrap up the fun of the actual birthday with more candles and a big piece of that cake. Because nothing says "Happy Birthday" quite like a piece of cake.
We can't believe that this Sher Bear of ours is SIX!!! 
  • She is an amazing reader and is reading at a high 2nd grade level.
  • Sheridan is a fantastic helper, when she's in the mood to help. She is great with little kids and can sometimes get them to do what they should when I can't get them to do!
  • Favorite color is MAGENTA (funny story from her party--when asked their favorite colors, 3 of the girls from her class said their favorite color was magenta. Wonder where they learned that from?)
  • Sheridan's favorite meal is white chili. She pretty much loves all chili, so long as it isn't too spicy. Oh, and she loves tacos, taco soup, and chicken tortilla soup. And pizza.
  • This is a girl who cannot be swayed once she decides something. For example: until she was 3, she loved milk, eggs, and bananas. Every day, she demanded them. One by one, something happened and she decided she DETESTED the aforementioned foods (I tried to make her finish her eggs and a banana when she didn't want to, someone tried to make her drink her milk that had become a little warm). 3 years later, she still won't touch them. 
  • This tenacity of opinion can be a good thing, too. When she decides she wants to do something, she will, come hell or high water. She might not enjoy practicing the piano, for instance, but she will do it because she has decided she'll be a pianist. And nothing I say can dissuade her :)
  • Sheridan loves animals. She wants to be on the Wild Kratts team--in fact, she recently was trying to jump into the TV to join them (no joke).
  • She is very good at telling other people what to do. 
  • Sheridan wants to be an artist when she grows up. Or a creature rescuer (like the Wild Kratts).
  • She loves her dance lessons but says she's so scared of recitals. Except that at the recitals, she nails her routines and has a blast.
  • DRAMA. Can't wait for her to be able to get up on stage and channel the drama.
  • Sheridan is very, very loving. She is often on the lookout for how she can help (she is totally Mom's super-helper).
We love this little girl and can't wait to see what surprises are in store for her this year!! Happy Birthday, Miss Sheridan Marie!