Monday, July 30, 2012

Spring Soccer

 Jack played soccer this past spring. He was so excited! His cousins play soccer! He had friends on his team!
 He likes to run around!
But, actually, he doesn't like to get into it and kick the ball. He had a ton of fun, but I'm thinkin' gymnastics might be a better fit for him next year...:)

Dance the Night Away

A gazillion months ago in May, Sheridan had her dance recital. 3 numbers, "Baby Face", "Happy Working Song" from Enchanted, and "Be My Little Baby Bumblebee". 
 Getting ready for the Happy Working Song--her favorite. She was one of the leaders for the song. You can see why below...she was the only one with her duster up and ready to go on time :)
 Had to take picts from backstage--the recital hall was too big to get any shots of her. 
 Backstage in her Bumblebee costume. 
 "Can we go back onstage now, Mommy?"
 Thinking, dreaming of dance...
 Sheridan and her partner on the left.
 Sheridan in the middle, actually doing the actions.
 Afterwards...oh yeah, she knew she'd nailed it!
 Hand moves from "Babyface"
 With Henry and Jack.
 Big finish!
After the show, she was still all smiles!
Sheridan loves to be onstage...I have a feeling we'll be doing a lot more of these in the future!