Friday, April 29, 2011

More on Mia

Warning: This post has a lot of photos! (earlier photos to come)

Did you know Mia is sometimes a nickname for Amelia? Well, now you do!
Sheridan REALLY likes to call her sister "Mia". It's cute.
So, we've been berated very gently for not posting enough new picts of our baby. Just because 4/5 of our immediate family lives out of state and they haven't seen anything since newborn pictures. Sheesh :) I'll admit it, I'm lazy.

3 days old!

Meeting cousins for the first time!

More Cousin time!

This baby can sleep through a hurricane! At 1 week, though, she was getting 3 hour stretches all day and one 4 hour stretch at night.

1 week old!

Sweet, sleepy girl!

Thoughtful Amelia. Pondering her busy life at 2 weeks.

Trying to eat either the couch or her fist at 2 weeks. She doesn't care which one, Mia just wants SOMETHING in that mouth! I love how her brow wrinkles up!

Sleeping at 3 weeks. She did that most of the time for that first month!

On her blessing day. My brother-in-law took a lot of picts, but those are still processing :) I'll do a whole big post on that someday! This is one of the 3 picture I took of her (with Aunt Jenni and the beautiful blanket she made. It complimented the gorgeous blessing gown a sweet lady from church made for Amelia). Due to the no-blowout factor, she wore that sweet outfit all day long with no fear!

4 weeks old, in her cloth diapers. Yep, still using them. They may make her bum look a little bigger, but it's totally worth it to have ZERO blowouts. Haven't had any since the switch from Huggies.

With Daddy. I had to capture a rare crying fit! She was 5 weeks here.

In her cute St. Patty's outfit on her cute personalized blanket from Grammy and Pop.

About 5 weeks old.

With big sis for St. Patrick's day!

This is when she started getting smiley around 6 weeks. Maybe it's cuz she's wearing such a cute outfit from Aunt Ruth!

More smiles!

I'll post more recent picures...when I download them off my camera! Thanks for stickin' around to get through this photo bomb!

Party for a Princess

Well, one might say that I am a little behind on this "blogging" thing.
One might be correct.
Sheridan turned 4 in February. The day before Amelia was born, as a matter of fact! That likely tells you why there hasn't been a post about her birthday festivities. If that doesn't explain enough, call me. If you can hear me over the screaming chaos that is my life :) I'll explain it to you!
So, Thursday was out little Shei-Shei's birthday. We woke up bright and early and opened presents, had blueberry pancakes, and PLAYED! She got a movie (which we watched Thursday morning and Friday morning while I was in labor--go Barbie Swan Lake!), a trike (because she needs to learn how to pedal and can't seem to master the bike), a plethora or clothes (because she is Sheridan, after all!), and a bunch of toys. After taking Jack to school, we used her birthday present $$ to buy a beautiful Rapunzel dress-up she'd been pining for. She and Henry had a blast checking out the aisles of Toys-R-Us, that mecca of childhood glee. That evening, we invited my brother and his family, along with the kids' surrogate Aunt and Uncle, for dinner and fun. Mostly for dinner, since 6 kids tearing around our house is chaotic-insanity (which is fun, but very very loud). After pizza, we had a lovely cake and we were all exhausted!
Here she is, ready to open all her birthday loot! Girl got SPOILED!! What a way to start out the day, right?
Grammy and Pop's package arrived a little after Sheridan's birthday, but she didn't mind dragging out the festivities! After less than 24 hours, I had to comb out all of Rapunzel's hair and braid it because Sheridan loved it a little too much (if you know what I mean!). It's been fun to see her get into playing with her dolls a little more!
Grandpa Bird hooked her UP with a castle of her very own. She moved all of her stuff in that day and had a big problem when we wanted to relocate it. The kids have had hours of fun in that castle (and it has a MOAT!! so cool!).
Uncle Daniel and Aunt Deon, along with cousins, gave her a magical princess wand. It has tons of learning games to play, perfect for a 4 year-old. She and Jack fight over it all the time. Honestly, I'd recommend this for the princess in your life!
She got her first "couples" Disney dolls from Uncle Corey and Aunt Jenni. She LOVED them...until a few weeks later, she tried to help Prince Philip do the splits and his leg broke off. Maybe he was meant to be a pirate...:) Seriously, can you ever go wrong with these dolls?
She was very excited for her Aurora cake. The requisite "barbie in a cake" cake. She loved the dress, the hair...yes a vision of loveliness! Sheridan was super excited to feast on that, baby (my kids have no problems cutting into their favorite characters. Should I be worried?)
I'll be honest, it's not my greatest piece of work. I'd almost forgotten to make it. I was so tired and done...but the girl needed a cake! So, forgive the frosting on her skirt (it was supposed to be fondant, but I ran out of oumph), the funny shape of the dress (I ended up not making enough layers. I did not do a good job of planning ahead!), and the fact that I was trying to pull it together when I should have been making dinner (thank you, Uncles and Aunts, for your patience that night!). Really, though, she was happy. That's the important thing, right :)

On to the Party!
So, as usual, Sheridan is obsessed with all things Princess. BYU's ballet company was nice enough to put on Cinderella, all for her (don't believe them if they tell you it was for Valentine's Day. Hello! Is February 12th Valentine's Day? Nope. Do guy even like going to ballets? Not so much. Do couples much want to come early to a performance to meet-and-greet with the fairies and princesses and prince-who-had-on-a-ton-of-make-up? Doubt it. Does Valentine's Day specifically welcome kids aged 2+? Perhaps it will result in said kids later on, but not many romantical couples want a kid aged 2+ along with them on their V-day date. I'm just sayin', it was totally meant for my princess-lovin' girl).
I was praying I wouldn't go into labor on Saturday--that would've made it impossible to take the girls. As it turned out, I had Amelia on Friday (thus avoiding both Sheridan's actual birth date and the party) so Tyler got to take these little Princesses to the Shin-dig.
They each wore their lovely ball gowns as a show of support for Cinderella. Very cute and very thoughtful! (Notice the sunshine? The lack of coats? Yeah, 2.5 months later and it's snowing and COLD. Just thought I'd mention that. Crazy Spring!)Ok, I had to include this one of them descending the stairs together. Hello! Adorable!!! I love that they're holding hands (and they're SO EXCITED to meet the dancers!).This just reminded me of all the scenes in all the Disney movies of princesses coming down the stairs. CUTE!These ladies are READY for the show. They're finding out who's who and what's what. With Cinderella! A dream come true, for sure!
Favorite foods: Pizza, candy, tortellini, lasagna, strawberry ice cream
Favorite color: Pink. Duh.
Favorite movie: She is really into the Barbie movies and Dora. And, of course, anything princess.
Favorite things to do: Dress up. Play with her siblings. Pick dandylions for mommy. Dancing. Playing "house", especially when her cousin Wyatt can pretend to be her husband! She loves any kind of pretending.
Random info: Sheridan is a headstrong, tenacious girl! She is kind of a diva, but she loves to mother her little siblings. She loves to be independent but is very much a cuddler!