Sunday, August 26, 2007

No we haven't moved yet....

but we are moving on Friday (anyone who wants to move lots of heavy objects at 3:30 should contact Tyler)! We should do our part of the closing on Monday and the sellers will sign their stuff Wednesday, which means we could be in by Thursday...but we're reserving Thursday for cleaning, evaluating where to put stuff and kids, and for having stuff done to the house (carpets cleaned, phone line installed, fridge delivered). You can see in these pictures that we'll have a fenced yard and a garage, two things the kids and Tyler have respectively been missing. I get a flagpole (you can see it in the 2nd picture). We'll have some work to do, but nothing major (or, nothing we can't accomplish without the help of some friends and family!) We'll add more pictures of the interior when we take them (ie, sometime after we've moved in they'll actually be posted!). Wish us luck!

Monday, August 13, 2007

It's the WHATH of August, already!?!

So, life has been full of starts and stops this month! We've been trying to get "back to normal" after our vacation, but that's not really possible when we're also trying to pack up our lives! We're slowly checking stuff off our "to do" list for the new place, but we keep finding more stuff to deal with. Jack is definitely having a tough time with our (obviously) elevated stress levels. He's been exceptionally cranky--but he still manages some great moments. Today, he and Ali were sitting at the table for lunch. "Laugh Mommy, come on and laugh!" When Mommy didn't laugh, he flatly said "ha. ha. ha. ha. ha. hee. hee. hee". Man, that kid is good with delivery. Neither Ali nor Jack could hold back the laughter or the water in their mouths.
Sheridan is enjoying the world of solids and sitting up. She is quite the princess and gets VERY upset when she doesn't get what she wants (but I want that pacifier! Why does this little hand keep stealing it from my mouth!?! ). It is a party! She has, however, enjoyed seeing Grammy again (she came to Utah for the birth of Rebecca's son, Joshua).
Tyler is working hard and getting ready to start his next semester of school. Of course the courses start the week we'll be closing on our house and moving!

Friday, August 3, 2007

More Vacation in Review

We were able to see my brother, L. John (or Learon, to those of us who've known him for more than 2 years!) and his wonderful wife Ashley at the beach. They took the grueling drive on a Saturday and had beach/boardwalk fun with us. We also got to visit them and see their (soon-to-be) cool house. They have some fixin-up ahead of them, but it will be worth it!
While on the trip, Sheridan also got started on everyone's favorite thing: solids! She's really taken to rice cereal (mmm...not my favorite) and we'll be trying veggies soon. The other day, Jack decided he needed to feed her, too. So, he found the colic tablets (which had been out of his reach, no idea how he got those!) and started feeding them to her! I came downstairs right after he started. I asked what the heck he thought he was doing. "Giving Sister her medicine." When I asked how many he'd given her, he simply answered "Two." and started trying to get more out to give her. Yes, we had a long talk about medicine safety and feeding sister (the words "time out" may have been used judiciously). We'll keep you updated on any other feeding adventures, as they are bound to occur!
Other news: we are officially not home-owners anymore! It's sad, but we're renting back our townhouse from the new owners as we don't close on our new house until the end of the month. At that point, we really will post new picts of our new house. It's a party....and if you're lucky, we'll actually invite you to our housewarming party in September or October (unless you live too far away, or we've lost your email address, or we don't have the party because we're going crazy trying to get settled and Tyler is traveling too much. But you know, keep your weekends free:)