Thursday, June 11, 2015

Christmas, Christmas time is here...

December is always a whirlwind of activities. Here's a little taste of 2014...

 Tree chosen and decorated. Tyler is all for real trees and cheap-o me breathes deep and rolls with that. There is nothing quite like the smell of a real fir tree! The kids had a ton of fun putting their ornaments on and pulling out all the decor!
The whole 2nd grade put on an abbreviated "A Christmas Carol" play for everyone to enjoy. She was thrilled (THRILLED I tell you!) to be cast in the role of "Young Belle," Scrooge's ex-fiance. 
Christmas Eve called for a turkey dinner at our place with some of our dearest friends and with Grammy and Pop. Pop made his (should be) world-famous bacon stuffing and to-die-for gravy.
 The kids ate up any time spent with Grammy and Pop! 
 Christmas morning brought the usually ecstatic chaos that 5 kiddos bring...but we still had Grammy and Pop, so it was even MORE fun! 

 Cole made off like a bandit in his new Cozy, really, he stole the ball from Henry and tried to make it his. Trouble is his middle name!

 Santa brought Jack an exceptionally cool night-vision scope. Now he can be a real spy!
The Martins (not pictured, because...that would require us to remember to actually TAKE pictures!) invited the whole crew up for Christmas dinner. Great-Grandpa Larry and Great-Grandma Diane were there, too! We LOVE spending time with family over Christmas (plus, dinner was super-delicious, we're no dummies about Rebecca's cooking!).
 The remainder of December found us playing hard! Mostly we played the plethora of fun games our family was gifted. We highly recommend "Dixit" (a picture-guessing game that is far more fun and quirky than it sounds) and Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel (which was great for the younger set, even if Cole does think he should try to eat the acorns...).
We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and that this New Year is treating you right!