Tuesday, June 30, 2015

April Flowers Bring May...Showers....

April was not rainy, it was warm and dry. May was super-rainy and cool. I was loving the reversed weather (until June came with BLAZING 100 degree heat...but that's another post for another day).

 The beginning of April is always fun--we kick it off with a poorly-planned birthday celebration for my favorite person. The poorly-planned is my fault, because I stink under pressure, even when the pressure is self-inflicted.
 I sure do love this guy!

Next up, Easter!
We stick with outrageous family traditions like egg-dyeing. We're rebels like that.
The kids had a lousy time and were so sad we force them to do such things. 
Word to the mean parents! ;)
Tyler spent a lot of the spring working on 2 playhouses for the kids. The top one is called, "The Fort." There is a ladder, a secret back door, a "crow's nest," and now a front door. 
This is just "The Playhouse." The front porch can be used as a stage for plays. He still has some finish-work to do, as well as painting, but they kids have enjoyed them all summer. There may have been questions from the neighbors about us building a chicken coop. I wish.
Sheridan was able to visit the Hare Krishna Temple for a field trip. Llamas!
In May Tyler took kiddos up to Midway to a cabin. Their favorite part? Finding and collecting errant golf balls. 
Our nephew/cousin Joshua was in a production of Peter Pan, Jr. The kiddos loved seeing their cousin up on stage. It was so well-done!
The cooler weather in late April/May brought out the ducklings. We love baby animals. 
Celebrating Mother's Day is always a treat. Tyler just might spoil me rotten!
I cannot lie--I love a break from cooking, and Tyler always makes me a delicious meal. Since I love to eat this works out well for me!
May was wrapping up, and with it came all the excitement and frantic scheduling of the end-of-school events. 
Jack was able to participate in the "Utah" Program at his school. He dressed up as a pioneer and was responsible for loading the wagon. Lots of ear worm songs that even Cole was singing for the next month.
Kindergarten gets out a few weeks earlier than the rest of the school. Henry was stoked to perform songs with his class and show off what a "Bucket Filler" he had been. He was devastated the next week, however, when the older kids went back to school and he had to stay home.
DEVASTATED. Yes, yes, he looks happy here, but that because he didn't get the enormity of what was coming down the line. He was a pretty darn cute graduate (but his cap didn't fit his head properly because it was made for little heads, not Henry-sized noggins. What do you expect when you're half-a-head taller than almost everyone in your grade?).
He loved Mrs. Smith! She was such a great teacher to help him love school.
We also have a soft-spot for his aide, Mrs. Barney. She loved telling me stories about the kids at pickup--Sheridan decided Mrs. Barney was her best friend and invited her home more that once!
Jack wrapped up the month by earning some awesome Scouting achievement. Now we just have to buckle down and FINISH his Webelos requirements!
That, my friends, was the spring in a nutshell! Next up...SUMMER!!!

Monday, June 1, 2015

A Player's Gonna Play

Spring of 2015 brought a couple of opportunities for our kids to be PLAYERS.

Jack and Sheridan enjoyed being PLAYERS in a re-telling of Snow White at their school. Sheridan was cast as "Young Snow White" and Jack was cast as "The King." Maybe there was a family resemblance? Sheridan was also a turtle in the forest and Jack was one of the dwarves.

 King Jack (center) and Young Snow White (far right)
 The forest animals (rehearsal).
Young Snow White strikes a pose.
All the forest animals!
Henry enjoyed PLAYING soccer! He was thrilled to be on a team with 3 of his buddies from church. He may not be the most aggressive player, but he sure has fun!
 Jack's version of playing often looked like snuggling up in a Hogwarts robe and reading...
Sheridan enjoyed making up games (mixed-up dress-up is the one they're playing here).
 When the weather cooperated, the kiddos enjoyed playing on Daddy...or on the river trail!
 Henry climbing like a monkey!
 Amelia's keeping it cool.
Henry and Sheridan testing out the River Trail tire swing.
 Cole played with my phone and took selfies as regularly as possible.
 I played with spray paint and hand-me-down furniture...
and I also played with homemade chalk paint on craigslist dressers and abstract acrylics on canvas.
Spring was certainly a great time for the Vigues to play!