Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jack, Lately

This is a quick update because I hate posting pictures. I am lazy, and it takes MINUTES for them to upload. Minutes of my life that I could be wasting cruising around the internet or reading something fictional. Or, more likely the minutes would be spent working on my rock-solid abs, refining my spiritual focus, or cleaning my already-spotless house. Yeah, the second thing I said.
Hmm, or I might include some pictures to soothe the GrandParents. If they ain't happy....

Jack and Sheridan often dress up. Here they are as "Musketteers", apparently some cross between cowboy and knight (if you're Jack) and princess and knight (if you're Shei)
At preschool, he made an AWESOME birdcage with a little bird sitting on a swing (during their "pet" month). He is so proud of Rainbow (the bird, named thusly for his rainbow-colored feathers). Notice his shirt? We'll talk more about that later.
Jack tried to do his own hair, to make it spiky. Get a look at the shine on his forehead. Yup, that's all gel. He put more on his head (and face) than I use in a week! He really, really likes spiky hair.
One of his favorite activities? Playing "Jedi Reading" on his leapster. He's already a Jedi Master. Yeah, you're jealous!
He also enjoys playing on the computer (here with Aunt Jenni). He really wishes I would let him play on Lego.com more often. But I'm mean.

Jack is learning a lot these days. He is in preschool Tues and Thurs and is LOVING it. It's a really good opportunity for him to learn some social skills for the classroom. He's currently reading at a 2nd grade level or above. He's learned some basic math.

Jack's favorite color used to be green. For over a year, it was green. Then for a week it was pink. For 2 weeks it was purple. Now, he doesn't really have one. I think he might take after his Daddy in this area...Jack is fairly reluctant to commit to any one favorite.

Sharing is one of his Mad Skills. He is one of the best sharers I have met...usually. Adores his brother and usually his sister (although they really like to tease each other. Alot.). His favorite person, however, is probably his Dad. Jack likes to build stuff (Home Depot Workshop, anyone?). Dreams of visiting his friend Quinn in Texas. Does NOT like spicy food. Generally doesn't care for milk. Tends to be a bit sensitive and if his feelings get hurt or he doesn't get what he wants, he gets very SAD. He's already had several crushes on girls in his church class.

Wants to be a Jedi Knight.

He is obsessed with Star Wars. OBSESSED. His friend introduced him to Lego Star Wars (the video game) and it's all been downhill since then. He will take down the original 3 and study to covers, think about the movies, and badger us with questions:
"What color is Luke Skywalker's lightsaber in 'A New Hope'? Why did he choose a green one later?"
"Was Han Solo friends with Yoda, too?"
"Which one is the one where Yoda uses his lightsaber? Why can't I see that one yet?"
"Mom, I need some help! I can't figure out how to use the Force!" (that wasn't a question, but it was adorable!)

Another quotable? I had to take the other 2 in for well checks at the doctor. When the doctor come in, Sheridan said she didn't want any shots.
Jack announced, "My sister doesn't need any shots today, but my baby brother needs his booster shot."
The doctor laughed out loud, especially when he saw that Jack was correct.

Jack is a total love and helper. He likes to be right, and often times is. We're so amazed at the kid he's become.