Friday, February 28, 2014

Back on Stage

Jack and Sheridan participated in their school's little production of "Belinda and the Beast." It was a wild west take on Beauty and the Beast. Jack played "Varmint," one of the Beast's henchmen (this was super-fun for Jack since the boy who played Beast is one of his best buddies). Sheridan was "Cowgirl 6," and she had a ton of fun just being on stage. I think she took over lines for a few girls who missed their cues! Ah, the joy of a motivated actress!

 Jack in his mustachioed glory. He was SO EXCITED about that mustache! 
 The Beast and Varmint
 Cowgirl #6 strikes a pose
The whole cute cast!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Amelia and the big THREE

Three is a big deal! It means everyone survived Amelia being 2!

Once again, early mornings mean no present pictures. I'm sure we'll be thoroughly berated for that oversight when these kiddos grow up.

But...we do have pictures of cake.

Before you feast your eyes upon the...wonder...that is Amelia's 3rd birthday cake, you must realize a few things. 1. I had over half a cake leftover from Sheridan's birthday from the day prior. 2. A kind friend dropped off a dozen cupcakes for use to celebrate the girls' birthdays. 3. We don't eat that much cake!

So...I rocked what we got.

Honestly, all she cared was that Dora the Explorer was on top of her cake. That is all that mattered to her. So, that is what happened!

I present, "Dora explores the top of Candy Mountain."
 Leftover cake + leftover cupcakes + leftover candy + DORA = a HAPPY 3 year old!
 She waited on baited breath to blow out those candles!
And one super-winner gift that kept making an appearance (loudly) for several weeks was her new Dora Guitar. When she's a rockstar, she'll really appreciate the early start she got.

Favorite color: YELLOW
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite character: Dora the Explorer

Amelia is a sweetheart. She loves people--she loves to hug and to cuddle and to snuggle with her people. She loves to meet new people. Generally, Amelia is fairly easy-going, but she has her moment, hoyboy. I mean, she is just 3! She is our little ray of sunshine, distract-able, silly sunshine!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sheridan and Seven

A day late and a dollar short?

More like over a year late and a birthday short!

Truly, though, Sheridan turned 7 last February. And I have the pictures to prove it!

In our house, birthdays mean Daddy's Streamers! This year, Rainbow Streamers were in order. 
She was thrilled to wake up in a Rainbow Wonderland (and after all the winter weather, who wouldn't welcome rainbows!?!). Notice her cute eye patch? All gone now!
 To celebrate on her birthday evening, she requested this fabulous rainbow cake. It was a LOT of fun to make! She was a little bummed about it.
 Actually, I think words like, "best cake ever!" and "Most beautiful cake!" were used by this birthday girl!
 Woohoo for candles!
She did have gifts for the big day....but we tend to forget to take pictures of gift-opening on bleary-eyed mornings. Especially on school-day bleary-eyed morns!

That weekend, Sheridan invited 7 of her closest friends for a birthday party. Rainbows were required.
 So each kiddo painted their own rainbow on a half-plate...
 They outdid Picasso with their rainbow-hued cupcake decor...
And they made some rainbow-scratch bookmarks to take home.
 Presents were opened, gifts were given, and everyone went home with a smile on their cute little face.
Happy Birthday, Sher Bear!

Favorite Color: Rainbow (but really magenta)
Favorite Food: Pizza or White Chili
Favorite books: Rainbow Magic Fairies
Favorite animal: Turtles (Tammy the Tortoise, let's be honest)

Sheridan is a determined, sometimes mercurial, girl. Kind of a teenager trapped in a 7 year old body. Sheridan can be so very responsible. She loves to be on stage and to perform, but does not like anyone else to call attention to her--she can call enough attention to herself when she wants it, thankyouverymuch. Sheridan is complex and intelligent and such a blessing in our family.