Saturday, November 1, 2014

Ode to October

Is an Ode like a poem? Because this post isn't a poem.

October was a glorious, warm month. We were able to go for a few hikes and enjoy the beautiful mountains without anyone freezing their tookus off.

 Hikes with Dad are rad.
 When it's warm it's not too bad.
 It's October-Mountain-Family time.
 Huh, I guess I COULD make this thing rhyme.
Tyler spent a lot of his time in October working on a Rising Star Outreach event with David Archuleta and Lexi Walker. It was an amazing night (and I'm glad the kids' play was postponed so I could attend). 

We got to get all dressed up and mingle with people like the Utah AG. It was crazy I felt like I was getting all dressed up for prom, except I was going with my favorite person in the world and we were taking separate cars. Oh, and there were kids at home after. :)

I spent most of October focused on my big event, Halloween costumes.
The kiddos decided to revisit Peter Pan which was so much fun to sew for!
 Amelia was a darling little Tinker Bell.
 Henry had his heart set on being the Tick Tock Croc. That costume was SO FUN to figure out and make. 
 Sheridan was Wendy and Cole was an adorable Peter Pan. He liked pretending to stab people with a dagger. Sigh.
 Jack was a swaggering, sinister Captain Hook. 
  The Neverland crew was ready for their first engagement of 3! (Church party, Halloween, and a family party). 
 Between parties, the kids fit in a little pumpkin carving. Henry chose an Angry Bird.

Hope your Halloween was happy!