Saturday, January 31, 2009

My, how they grow!

FYI--the cute new picts of just Henry are down 2 posts. Just so as you know.
These are the cute picts of the older two--Enjoy!

Sheridan looks so much older with braids! She'll be 2 in 1.5 weeks!

Jack made some sheep cupcakes from the cookbook from my mom. He loves to cook with me and chose this recipe for a Family Home Evening treat.

The kids like to dress up as super heros in the morning. Jack says they need the gloves and hat to be like Wordgirl.
It's not our kid, but Jack thought this backhoe was really really cool. It's clearing the 4" of ice from the culdesac entrance so that cars can get out. Yeah, the city has run out of plowing money already, so our street doesn't get plowed this year! It has had 4" of ice on it since Christmas (plus or minus and inch, depending on recent snowfall or sunshine--with crater-like holes randomly situated through the street, leading to an off-roading adventure in the middle of town). Now the snow has melted except for the speedbump right off our driveway. Thank goodness for sunshine!
Sheridan decided that Henry needed a story. It was adorable. Since she's obsessed with colors, she decided to read "Happy Baby Colors" to H. Her favorite color is orange (although she's now starting to say "purple" sometimes when you ask her what her fav. color is). She'll probably ask you your favorite color the next time she sees you, so be ready! Then, she'll let you know what all our favorite colors are. Heck, if the girl brings up colors, prepare yourself for a long conversation.

New Kitchen, Piece by Piece

If you've ever used my kitchen, you are aware of our tricky faucet.

You know, the one that drip drip drip drips until you are insane.

Actually, for the last while, it was a steady trickle unless you got it turned off just so. To the left and down just a hair.

Well, no more. Feast your eyes on THIS. Yup, this bad boy of a faucet was over 50% off at Home Depot (hooray for clearance!) and has that special pull out faucet that's also a sprayer.

It doesn't drip drip drip.

So, yeah, it's the first step to a whole new kitchen. Too bad I'll be waiting years for the rest to join the faucet :)

Thanks, Ty, for getting the old one out of the way so that our new, slick faucet could join the fam!


When I was very little, I loved to play the "SOO BIG" game--you know, where you'd pretend to be sooo big?
I do not like this game quite as much when it is my newborn getting so big--time is passing so quickly with this 3rd kid! He's also packing on the pounds more than the others ever did (perhaps this guy will never drop to the 2nd percentile for weight!). He has two little fat rolls on his legs. At 5 or 6 weeks he weighed 12 lbs. Sigh. He's completely filling his 3-6 month clothes and is getting so tall! Whatever will we do?
Henry at 8 weeks
Henry at 2 months (can you kinda see his smile? He's really finally starting to smile!)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas fun

We did some fun stuff around Christmas. We decorated "candy houses" as is a Vigue family tradition. We also acted out the nativity...we had to use Henry as our baby Jesus since he's at the right age...and Jack insisted on being a shepherd, so that's what Sheridan insisted on as well. Then we decorated sugar cookies ( I think the pictures speak pretty much for themselves (except the Sheridan candy houses one should all have the caption "mmmm, pri-ee goot frossing, mommy" which translates to "Mmmm, Pretty good frosting, Mommy"; she said it a lot, even though I kept saying "Ewww, don't eat the frosting it has raw eggs in it!!!" I guess she also said that for frosting thesugar cookies, to which I replied "You're right, now do you want to put some of that frosting ON the cookie?")

Who got all the good costume stuff?

Henry's blessing

Here are some picts of Henry's blessed day. We had 3 of Tyler's 4 siblings in town, plus his parents, plus our surrogate family (the Blasers) and good friends (Angleseys). Delicious food + spiritual moments + new baby = blessed event.

Thanks to y'all who could come!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas in a nutshell

"Help I'm in a nustshell!"

Wait, the year is over!?! But I still haven't blogged about Christmas and Henry's blessing and...Oh dear.

We'll go with Christmas for this post.
Christmas was a delightful affair. We ended up staying in Sandy Christmas Eve, since there was supposed to be a ferocious storm blowing out from Seattle to Utah. Tyler's parents are in town, and (oddly enough) we wanted to spend time with family over Christmas and not just be snowed in by ourselves...I mean, if family's in town you should live it up, right?
Earlier Christmas eve, the kids got to open presents from my family (since we couldn't haul everything up to Sandy and expect it to fit into Tyler's subaru to come home...). They didn't want to leave, not after opening such fun stuff! Sheridan was FURIOUS that we made her leave the Tupperware kids' set at home. The only thing that let her get past it? Promises of time with her cousin "Joshy" (as she dubbed him).

We had a delicious Italian-style pasta and seafood dinner (thanks, Pop!), enjoyed the reading of the Christmas story and some carols, and then shooed the kids off to bed. Then we had some basic construction to do (note to readers: when a box from wal-mart says "some assembly required" it may mean "everything is still in it's extruded plastic package and will need to be clipped out, smoothed off and screwed together before it resembles anything on the package...approximatedly 10000 plastic pieces are included which you will have to finish yourself"--fortunately we didn't have to solder together the electronic bits--thank you for your help, Jim!). We were in bed by midnight...only 3 of us 4 parents were up in the night to calm a crying child, soothe a puking child, or feed a very hungry infant. You can guess which one I did.
The kids were spoiled, Santa brought them a kitchen that was beautifully assembled (everything that's a different color from the base appears to be attached with some amazing elfin skill). He also brought Sheridan a Cinderella doll and Jack Mack from CARS. Sheridan ADORED opening presents and was so mad when she'd opened everything (and she got spoiled by Santa, her parents, and her grandparents!). Jack was just excited about everything...they were both really cute! Henry...well, he didn't appear to care one way or the other, although he was pretty stoked that Santa brought me some Lindor chocolates in my stocking. Seriously, if I had to stop nursing the child he might go into chocolate withdrawals.
We had a fantastic time with family--thank you, Jim and Rebecca, for hosting us! The turkey dinner was TO DIE FOR (Tyler's dad makes KILLER stuffing, the bird was delicious, and the company was fun) and we got to see Tyler's Grandparents too! We decided that we were exhausted and that the kids needed to sleep, so it was time to head home...Oh, but the storm which hadn't shown much more than flurried hit full-force that evening and we went from no snow on the ground to 3 inches in 1/2 and hour!!!!! What the..!?! I think we should have stayed that night instead! We got home safely and were all nicely tucked into be by 11. Phew!

Turns out it was fortunate, since Sheridan caught the stomach flu and it's much nicer to be sick in your own home! Poor little one!