Friday, October 9, 2015

Where did September go!?!

September was full of school, homework, piano lessons, soccer games, scout activities, BYU football, and general busyness. For me, the month was a lot of shuttling kiddos around to activities and commitments. It's funny, even when we limit the amount of extracurricular activities, with 3 kids in school there is always plenty of chauffeuring!

 Henry may not have been the most aggressive player, but he sure loved being goalie! He had a few really sweet saves this year.
 Obligatory cute shot of our curly-headed cutie. Someday soon we WILL get on breaking the paci habit. Right now, we've been focused on potty training (and he's doing quite well so long as he only wears pants with nothing maybe after we are successful with underwear we'll focus on losing the pacifier).

 Henry loved his soccer team! He had a fantastic coach.
 These 3 kiddos had their piano recital at the end of the month. They have been begging to have once since June and we finally (FINALLY) had a time that Tyler was in town and we weren't already over-booked on the weekend.
They did a great job. It is amazing to see how far hard work can take a kid as opposed to just talent. We've seen amazing progress in their playing as they have really buckled down and practiced like they should. It has been a good reminder for me--sometimes, I feel like I'm not talented in an area, not a natural, or just plain no-good at something. Seeing Sheridan in particular as she worked and worked and paid the price and kept has been inspiring to me. It has reminded me that even though something might not come as naturally or might be a struggle, there's no reason I can't keep working at it and become proficient. So, thanks, Sheridan, for teaching me a pretty important life-lesson!

August Among Us

August was filled with getting ready for school to start mid-month. Lots of last-minute play-dates with best friends, lots of pool time, lots enjoying those final days of freedom before homework and schoolwork started up again!
 Amelia got to meet her Pre-K teacher and got her school bag. We got to personalize the bag--Wonder Woman for the Win!--and the girl was so EXCITED!
 At church, we had a BBQ "roundup" before we got into the full swing of school. Henry LOVED learning how to rope a steer!
 And then it was suddenly time for school to start...
 Henry was pleased as punch to be going to school for a FULL day! He loved meeting his teacher at Back to School Night and couldn't wait to learn ALL DAY LONG!
 Sheridan had mixed feelings about school starting up again. Last year, she was in a pretty unruly class and that caused her endless stress. She does not understand why kids have to behave badly at school! Added to that, her teacher would threaten the class with "zeros" if the kids didn't calm down, and it was a recipe for anxiety for our Sher! The first day of school, she learned that she was actually in ANOTHER class--but it was with the teacher she'd really wanted, so she (amazingly) dealt with that unexpected news very calmly. She LOVES school this year, which is such a relief! 
Axel Jack is in 5th grade this year. FIFTH GRADE!?! It's killing me. He was really bummed that his best buddy is NOT in his class for the first time since they met in 2nd grade. He was, however, excited that his class theme is Harry Potter. When it came time to go back to school, he had very mixed feelings--but he seems to be finding friends and settling into the routine once again. He's so excited to be taking an early morning percussion class.
 5th Grade, 3rd Grade, and 1st Grade. Can you believe it!?! 
 A few days later, Amelia started Pre-K. She may have been a LITTLE excited. Just kidding! She was bouncing-off-the-walls-excited for days and was SOOOO ready to just go!
 Cole wasn't quite sure what to make of it...
Meanwhile, Tyler was in India. Sigh. 
The founder of Rising Star Outreach had just returned home from 3 years as a missionary for our church. Getting back to India was a huge priority for them together, as there were fires to put out and cherished individuals to reconnect with. It was a trip filled with less of what Tyler loves (time with the kids at the school and the individuals in the colonies and the volunteers) and more of what is less-fun (meetings, meetings, meetings).
We were all SO HAPPY when Tyler came back! Happy, happy, HAPPY
 The weather was still ridiculously hot, so after Pre-K we checked out the Splash Pad a few times.
 We had picnics and played at the park. 
 Sheridan and her dear friend, Hadley, ran a snowcone stand and donated 1/3 of their profits to charity. I was pretty impressed by these little philanthropic entrepreneurs. At the same time, Jack and his buddy, Caden, sold home grown veggies and donated their profits to charity. My kiddos have some pretty amazing friends.