Friday, October 9, 2015

Where did September go!?!

September was full of school, homework, piano lessons, soccer games, scout activities, BYU football, and general busyness. For me, the month was a lot of shuttling kiddos around to activities and commitments. It's funny, even when we limit the amount of extracurricular activities, with 3 kids in school there is always plenty of chauffeuring!

 Henry may not have been the most aggressive player, but he sure loved being goalie! He had a few really sweet saves this year.
 Obligatory cute shot of our curly-headed cutie. Someday soon we WILL get on breaking the paci habit. Right now, we've been focused on potty training (and he's doing quite well so long as he only wears pants with nothing maybe after we are successful with underwear we'll focus on losing the pacifier).

 Henry loved his soccer team! He had a fantastic coach.
 These 3 kiddos had their piano recital at the end of the month. They have been begging to have once since June and we finally (FINALLY) had a time that Tyler was in town and we weren't already over-booked on the weekend.
They did a great job. It is amazing to see how far hard work can take a kid as opposed to just talent. We've seen amazing progress in their playing as they have really buckled down and practiced like they should. It has been a good reminder for me--sometimes, I feel like I'm not talented in an area, not a natural, or just plain no-good at something. Seeing Sheridan in particular as she worked and worked and paid the price and kept has been inspiring to me. It has reminded me that even though something might not come as naturally or might be a struggle, there's no reason I can't keep working at it and become proficient. So, thanks, Sheridan, for teaching me a pretty important life-lesson!