Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fabulous February

February was full of so much fun! 
Sheridan and I had a triple mommy-daughter date to the BYU Fairytale Ballet. The girls got to meet a ton of the dancers after watching them perform. They all got to go onstage during the intermission and dance with some of the ballerinas! It was a fantastic experience.
 The kids' school had a Family Valentine Dance. Elsa and Anna attended, which was pretty cool (see what I did there?)! Jack mostly ran around with his buddies, but the rest of us danced together and had a great time. Wish we'd gotten a picture of Cole getting down. That boy has MOVES.
Sheridan was elected by her classmates as the 2nd Grade Princess because she's such a great leader. I'll give it to Sher, she is super-responsible and wants to do what is right.

 The weather continued to feel like spring, so Cole started breaking out of the house to go for scooter rides.
We watched the Provo City Center Temple come closer to completion.

Jack and Cole practiced their selfie techniques.

Henry got into the swing of birthdays with some unique balloon art.

And we got to spend some time with family to celebrate our February birthdays (see the next 2 posts for the kids' parties and for Sheridan's special 8th birthday baptism)! Phew, February was full of fun!

Journey in January

January. Ah, that frozen month of grey monotony, punctuated only by momentary breaks in the drudgery.
Nah, that wasn't this January at all.
 We built a fortress of boxes. Finally, a good way to reuse all that packing material from August!
 We sent Tyler off to India (again) to be welcomed with open arms and red chalk.
 We saw the campus of Rising Star Outreach through his camera lens,
 saw some of the medical work for the leprosy-affected,
 and fell in love with a bunch of cute kiddos.
Meanwhile, Sheridan ROCKED the 2nd grade Spelling Bee and took 3rd place! The last 3 kiddos went 13 rounds before anyone made a mistake--great job!

We did not love having Tyler gone. It stinks. I am a far, far grumpier mommy without my right-hand-man. But you know what? We did it. We learned to jump a car battery (again), juggled homework and baths and bedtimes (not to mention morning times) without Daddy, and we took care of business.
We were so much happier when Tyler was home, though!
 These are our happy faces.
 Boo! Ha ha, gotcha!

Anyway, Tyler got home just in time to see Miss Sheridan represent Clara Barton in a GATE activity. She spent all the first semester of school learning about Clara's life and legacy in founding the Red Cross in America after the Civil War. It was fun learning about "The Angel of the Battlefield" from Sheridan! It was also fun to make her a Clara Barton costume. Because, if you haven't noticed, I really like making costumes!

 Isn't she the cutest Clara Barton you've ever seen?!?

Well, the weather in January was actually gorgeous. Pleasant. Not-typical. We barely got any snow and what we did get didn't stick around. It was the mildest January I've even experienced in Utah.
Let's hear it for the park!
Let's also hear it for a kid who climbs. He loves butter and has buttered the counter once before. This time, he got caught buttering the spice cabinet (and the toaster oven, and the stove, and himself...). That is fennel butter, now. It is lovely on fish. Sigh. He is only crying because I asked him what he was doing. Then I took a picture of the guilt. Oh the shame!
Finally, after a long 10ish days as a solo mom, Tyler told me to get away from it all. So I snatched up the LAST ticket to BYU's Musical Theater production of "The Count of Monte Cristo." It was phenomenal. I actually didn't like how tidily everything wrapped up, but the sets and effects were awesome, the acting was stellar, and the music was amazing. Seriously, some of those students belong on Broadway. And I came home a much more-sane person. Hooray!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Cole and the Big 2

This happened at the beginning of January. This curly-haired little leprechaun turned 2!

 Morning is the best time for present-opening!
 Oh, look! Daniel Tiger! (Hint: this is not the last time Daniel Tiger will make a birthday appearance.. The boy is OBSESSES with DT. He loves that neighborhood.)
 And this big gift (from Grammy and Pop, because heaven knows we wrap in newspaper. Because we care about the earth and don't want to add more waste and all that)...
 is Cole's new MOTORCYCLE!!! He could barely let Tyler put it together, he wanted to ride it so!
 Time to get some fishing on with (courtesy of Grandpa and Grandma Carla!).

It was a good day for Cole. The big kids were back at school and I was making him a Daniel Tiger cake! He also got to watch his new Daniel Tiger movie! People called throughout the day and sang him his favorite song! Also, cake!
 He really, really liked the cake. I was worried he might be concerned that we were cutting up Daniel Tiger, but...cake!
 Happy 2nd birthday, cute guy!

Cole's favorite color is BLUE!
He loves cars, trains, balls, and whatever someone else is playing with.
Oh, and he loves Daniel Tiger.
Cole talks a lot but isn't always understandable. Go figure, he's 2.
Cole loves his big brother, Jack. Adores his Mommy and Daddy. Yearns for his pacifier and blue lion blanket.
Naps like a champ.
Still bangs his head, but the severity is decreasing. Less often in anger, he rarely pounds his forehead into the floor when he's mad anymore. He still sits up in his crib and rocks his head back into the foot board. His crib is well-padded.
Cole loves to eat. He generally eats ravenously at one meal, but we can never predict which meal that will be. He likes to keep us on our toes.
Cole wants to help cook. ALL THE TIME. Like, we can't go into the kitchen to make anything without him grabbing for a spoon or knife or WHATEVER he can get his hands on.
"Cole-Cole" is what he calls himself.
He calls Jack "Dack" and Sheridan "Sher Bear" and Amelia "Mia." He doesn't usually call Henry anything, because Henry is the least-interested in interacting with him.
This boy has the biggest blue eyes and eyelashes that go for miles. His one dimple is endearing. His curls get comments almost everywhere we go. He rocks a suit like no one's business.
This guy is usually so very, very happy. But when he's upset, LOOK OUT! It's like a summer thunderstorm coming out of nowhere to blow your house down!
We adore our little Cole-Cole!