Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Waddle on in to Henry's 6th Birthday!

Henry has a major LOVE of penguins. He did an "expert report" in Kindergarten on them and knew more about various penguin species than his teacher did. When it was time for his birthday, a penguin theme was the obvious choice!

 So excited for it to be his birthday!
 We did a trial run of a quick penguin cake for his actual birthday night. It got the big smile of approval!
 For the party, Tyler ran a penguin-training school. There were tobogganing practice, fish catching, and waddling classes.  The weather was actually only a little cool, so this was probably Henry's first and only outside party!
 I think there was orca tag. For waddling penguins, these guys sure did move fast!
Henry was the happiest penguin-loving birthday boy ever!
Henry's favorite color: Light blue
Henry's favorite food: Pizza
Henry wants to be: a builder
Henry loves: school! Video games! His friends! Penguins!! Reading! Pokemon.
Henry has a sensitive heart and is very kind to everyone around him (except maybe his siblings, he's not perfect!). He loves that he can run down the street and play with his friends. Henry likes to play soccer and T-ball, he loves to swim, he enjoys just running around with his siblings. He is a super-sweet boy who plays hard and has a big grin on his face! Happy birthday, Henry!

The Tale of Jack and the Double Digits

Story goes that Jack turned 10 in November! That story is true. Sigh. The days really are long, but the time flies by!

 He was a shocked as the rest of us! The interesting thing about him getting older is that his wishlist is getting pricier. What gifts do you get for your kids instead of the latest technological craze? I have a feeling this question only gets trickier in the next decade!
 Poor boy got slighted on the cake...but I was going through a miscarriage at the time, so he's kind of lucky he even GOT a cake. He doesn't seem to be offended, though...
 That weekend we had a party party party with 5 of his closest friends. Minecraft, baby, that's where it's at. They made pixelated "mini-me"s. Other games (not pictured) were creeper ball-toss (they took out pyramids of foam creepers with a ball) and game that involved hunting piggy balloons. Mostly there was running around attacking things. Yay, Minecraft.
 But he loved it and had a blast, which was really the point of the whole shebang!
More stellar cakes! Again with the cube/pixilated/easy theme.,.

Jack's favorite color: still green!
Jack's favorite things to do: Video games and reading
Jack wants to be: an inventor
Jack's favorite foods: Tacos and pizza
Jack love to; be in plays!
We cannot believe this kiddo is now 10. He is smart, goofy, but a total rule-follower. He loves his friends and honestly, wishes he could spend every spare minute with them! He is an amazing big brother to his littlest brother and is starting to step up with helping him out. Jack excels in music and is in his 5th year of piano. He doesn't care for sports except for swimming. Animals--he loves them. You can often find this kiddo snuggled up under a blanket, reading a book with a cat on his lap. Happy birthday, Jack! We love you!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Yo ho ho and a Mermaid's Tail

Jack and Sheridan were ecstatic to get back on stage in November. Their school put on "Race for Treasure Island,"  which had a zany plot about a Naval ship, a Pirate Ship, and a Mermaid posse racing to get the treasure first. Spoiler: the mermaids end up with it.

 Jack was a pirate!
 Sheridan was a mermaid (in front of stage--the navy is on stage).
 The mermaids descend like vultures of the sea to claim their ill-gotten gain!
 Cute cast!
...and this one is just your reward for sticking it out!