Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Simple September

After the excitement of August, we took it pretty easy in September. Eased back into the habits of the school year and tried to get used to living in a new house. Henry got used to it very quickly--figuring out that he had 2 buddies on the street opened up a whole world of possibilities!

 Examining the gigantic mirror in the entry.

 Art time! Making crowns (Sheridan's idea!)

 Getting to know the praying mantis is less scary than getting to know the neighborhood kids.
 Having the piano INSIDE the house! The kiddos have loved it!

Cole has decide he should start with the keyboard.

 Adventures at Thanksgiving Point!
It was warm enough for the kiddos to play in the water. 
  Cole really got into the art thing....
And a field trip to the duck pond where the swans had settled in!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Another August, Another School Year

August of 2014, Jack, Sheridan, and Henry put on their new uniforms and got ready to head to SCHOOL!

Ready to learn and make new discoveries! Hooray for school!