Monday, September 12, 2011

First Day of School! First Day of School!

School started!
Jack's first day was the day after we flew home from New Jersey. Yup, we're really good planners (at least we took the morning flight, not the arriving-at-midnight flight, right?). He was so excited to go...but pretty nervous, too. Here he is in his uniformed glory. Notice the cool Star Wars lunchbox. He was very excited to be bringing lunch for the first time! He still won't put the lunchbox in his backpack, but has to carry it in his hot little hands. What do you think, future briefcase holder?
Sheridan's first day of (pre)school was a week later. She was SO EXCITED!!! She'd had "orientation" the day after we got back from NJ, so she totally knew what to expect (coloring, cupcakes, macaroni necklace-making, and outdoor play. Plus, she'd met one of her classmates) so she wasn't afraid to jump right in. It's funny, but this girl is far less anxious about new experiences than her big brother.

I could barely get her to stand still long enough for these pictures. The other 12 are blurry and blinky.

Sheridan started Preschool the day before Amelia's surgery. It added a little je ne sais quoi to the experience!

Henry keeps asking "Where-a my school at?" I've told him time and again that he'll go to school "after he's 4" and "in 2 years, buddy," but this has not satisfied him. Every day we go to drop

Sheridan off at her home-based school, he asks when he gets to go. Finally, on the drive home last week, he pointed to a random house and announced "Der's my school. I go-a school der!" I had to (sadly) inform him that there probably wasn't a preschool in that house and that he would be going to school after he turned 4, and in 2 years.

Can't fault the kid for trying!


Jenni Elyse said...

Poor, Henry! He just wants to be a big kid. That's what he kept saying on Saturday too as he watched Sheridan and Jack play games.

Both Jack and Sheridan look excited, even if Jack was anxious. I understand how he feels. Oh, what I'd give to be a little more like Sheridan. Oh well. Jack and I can just be buddies. ;)