Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Away for August

My last post was mid-July. That's because the rest of July was filled with fun little things and then we left for half of August. And then life got crazy when we got back. I think it has finally settled down...for now.
The first half of August, we went to the Happiest Place on Earth.
No, silly, not Disneyland. I'm sure it's nice and all, but it's no New Jersey.
That's right, baby. Bring on the sand, surf, sun and sugar. Bring on Maximum Spoiling. Bring on Grammy and Pop,Beach, Boardwalk, Tastee Kakes, Baseball, The Middle, Backyard, Pool, and Klondike Bars.
Ahhhh, New Jersey....

Children's Museum!Ready, set, delivered! Sheridan loved weighing this "newborn". She also liked shopping...Fighting fires (instead of each other) Not only does he fight fires, he fights gum disease! Take that, Plaque!


Amelia was a little wide-eyed about the whole Boardwalk experience. The lights, the noises, the smells...

Out for a sedate ride. Something all 3 could enjoy together.

These fire engines have been around since Pop was a kid. Always a hit!

Jack loves the kiddie bumper cars. He got pretty good at them this year.

Henry loved the "fast cars". I might have thought they were fun, too. Maybe.

Last ride is always the Carousel. A nice way to round out your Boardwalk experience.

Boardwalk frozen custards. If you're at the Boardwalk, you must either have a Water Ice, a Frozen Custard, a Soft Pretzel, or a Funnel Cake. MUST. It's the rule.


This year, Jack learned to Boogeyboard. He got pretty good at it and went between that and rolling in the warm sand.

Henry found his favorite thing. The ocean. Join the club, kid, join the club! We could not keep him out of it!

Pop found this Horseshoe Crab shell. So Cool!

First dip in the ocean. Her response?


"I may not love the water yet, but I LOVE MY GRAMMY!!"

While Dad's away...

Singin' in the Rain--There were a lot of HUGE rainstorms while we were in Jersey.

We played in them. It was fun.

Down with Delaware

aka "For the Birds"
We got to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and their baby, Allouette. Little "Lulu" is just 10 days younger than Amelia and we were pretty excited to meet her. We love that they live so close to Tyler's parents so we can see them whenever we get back east. As usual, we had a great time visiting and spending time with the Birds.

"Gotcher nose! I gotcher nose!"

"Love you, Lulu!"

Backyard fun!

Sheridan and Jack put their swim lessons into practice. Grammy and Pop's pool was the perfect size for them.

Henry loved the pool in Grammy's backyard. He added all his own safety gear.

Beach Time!

Harry and Lucy came all the way from Utah! They had a blast building in the sand (and in the water...Harry and Henry were best buddies in the ocean and stayed out in the waves most of the time!)

Jellyfish. We tried not to let them ruin our last day at the beach...the clear ones don't sting...

Sheridan loved leading Lucy around the beach!This is the closest we got to a family photo on the beach this year. Oops!More friends at the beach--they came all the way from Virginia because they love Tyler so much!

Thanks for a fantastic vacation, Grammy and Pop! Can't wait 'til next year!!


Jenni Elyse said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time! I'm so glad you did. You guys deserved that vacation with everything that has happened this year.