Sunday, November 11, 2018

October, aka The Time of Much Frantic Sewing in Between Other Stuff

Well, hey hi-dee hey! Looks who's back for an annual blog update!

This month, I started focusing on getting more physical activity and dragged my two littles on lots of walks around the area. Thank goodness, they are pretty good sports and seemed take this shift in a stride. Well, in a stride from their seats in the massive, heavy stroller.

Amelia enjoyed playing soccer again after a 2 year hiatus. 

Cole found his happy place while playing soccer. He loved it so much that, during every break of his first game, he was practicing soccer skills on the sideline. When the game ended, he cried because he just wanted to keep playing! He is our first kiddo to actually score a goal during a soccer game, and he went on to score several more. This feisty, driven, energetic kid was in heaven playing soccer!

Cole also lost his first tooth this month! He was pretty bored with that.
Just kidding, he was ecstatic.

My big brother let us have his tickets for the BYU vs. USU game. Honestly, the Cougars stunk, but it was great to get out to a game with my favorite BYU fan. The atmosphere of a BYU football game is one of our favorite fall traditions.

Jack got to spend one evening with a good friend who moved to California and came back to visit, and with a good friend who didn't move. There was so much enthusiastic teenage joy.

Micah discovered my makeup bag AGAIN. He was going for a faux beard, I think. I also pointed out that his eyelashes are already enviable, and that putting mascara on them was bound to land him in hot water with people who have short eyelashes. And with Mommy, because she's tired of him using her mascara to scrub the sink.

Daddy got to take Amelia on a field trip to the Krishna Temple. He is a rockstar for chaperoning a second grade field trip.

"A llama!?! He's supposed to be dead!" 
Name that movie!
Amelia is stunning, as usual, even with a llama. Actually, it's a very cute llama. 

Tyler and I got to go to Prom.
Just kidding! We went to the Fancy, Shmancy Scholarship Ball at UVU. It was like Prom, except with really, really amazing food and famous locals in attendance. There was actually not much dancing at all, so I was kinda let down...except that I actually couldn't walk by the end of the night because I haven't worn heels in ages and I did this night and I'm getting way too old for that nonsense. Next time, flats for sure. 

Meet Gong Gong, the Black Dragon. In Chinese mythology, he knocked the earth off its axis and caused all the rivers in China to flow East. We have a book about dragons that shows him fighting a guy on the tiger, whom I guess is some other Chinese god. 
He is Micah's favorite.

Since Micah was turning 3, and had been insisting on a Gong Gong cake, I made him a Gong Gong cake.
Except, when I was making the cake, he kept telling me to make a Daniel Tiger cake.
I guess he made peace with it eventually, ha!
He seriously loved it. It took us 4 sittings to eat that thing, and each time we had to sing Micah Happy Birthday again. 

The other kids were pretty stoked with the cake as well.They're also pretty fond of Micah.

Then he opened some presents. Grammy didn't even know Micah loves dragons, but she wrapped his gift in How to Train Your Dragon paper. Winner!

Micah loved his Hess RV from Grammy and Pop, even if he called it a School Bus. 

He also loved the stuffed Chinese dragon and the Chinese dragon figure from Grandpa and Grandma Carla. He insists on having the figure on the end of his bed, where it can keep watch over him.
This is a pretty Micah-heavy post, isn't it?3 is just such a darned cute age where they're discovering the world and putting things together. Here, I'd put Micah's costume together. He knew he was a rabbit, so he insisted on hopping around (saying, "Hop! Hop!" the whole time). He didn't really get that he was going to dress up as the White Rabbit a la Alice in Wonderland, but whatever. He was really, really enjoying himself!

Henry received some awards at a Pack Meeting, hooray! He's earned his Bear and moves onto Webelos next month.

Henry and Amelia also participated in the school play, "Race for Treasure Island."
Henry played "Sneaky Sam" and was so proud of the physical comedy the teachers let him add to the play.

Amelia played a Sailor and reveled in some over-the-top dramatics. It's a shame my kids are so reserved (said no one ever about my kids). They sure do get the dramatic genes from the Vigue and Bird sides!

We enjoyed a church Hoe Down as a family. I was really proud of my two oldest for participating in the square dancing and having fun. 

We managed to sneak in some pumpkin carving a few days before Halloween. Sheridan really drove the Quest to get Dad to take them for Pumpkins this year.

The day before Halloween, we took all 4 younger kiddos for the Orthopedics checkups and had great news all around! Both boys are in the clear and won't need to be seen again for 2 years!!! Hooray! Amelia's hips look good enough that she won't need to be seen for about a year, and Eliza gets a 6 month break! 
You have no idea the relief that news brings!

Halloween finally came, and after days of frantic sewing, everyone was ready to get in costume and score some candy! The 5 younger kids went along with Henry's huge wish to do Alice in Wonderland as a family costume. He absolutely loves Lewis Carroll's writing, and it was nice to do something that he really wanted to do--the stronger personalities usually win out, but this year was all his.
Amelia was so excited to run around shouting, "Off with your head!" She was also really excited to boss Tyler (aka, the Ace of Spades) around. 

Cole owned the Mad Hatter! He was the cutest guy with those curls and big, cheesy smile.

Henry took forever to decide what to dress up as. Even when he decided to be the caterpillar, it couldn't just be the caterpillar. Oh, no, it needed to include a mushroom. Henry usually chooses something unique and fairly challenging for me to make, but I really do love it! I love how creative he is. 
Here's the final view of the White Rabbit in action. Still hop, hopping!
Don't worry, Henry was just in character!

Of course, we had to have our Alice! She really enjoyed watching everything on Halloween, and loved how excited everyone was.
In all our Halloween glory!

Jack and Sheridan, those darned kids with their own ideas! They insisted on being characters from their favorite video game, Undertale. 

Jack went as Asriel, a goat guy who has horns and is magical. It's not a dress, it's a robe!

Sheridan went as Undyne, a fierce water-knight. Fortunately, I did a little research and found out the her character wears an outfit as seen above. Sher originally wanted a suit of armor.

They all had an excellent time in October. Hope all y'all had a Happy Halloween!!

Monday, October 1, 2018

September, Remember?

September is a lot more interesting now that we have Eliza to celebrate!
We kicked off September with a birthday breakfast of Mickey Mouse waffles!

I made her a pretty smash cake and a pretty cake to share.

She was interested in the smash cake and wasn't quite sure what to do with it.

She figured it out pretty quickly. 
And messily.
Smart girl!

She enjoyed opening up gifts with Daddy's help. She really got into this book from Grammy and Pop.

And she kept giggling over this gift from Grandpa and Grandma Carla.

Her sweet friend, Kelli, also surprised her with a Peek-a-Boo monkey while we were at church!

And her buddy, Porter, kept chasing her around the Relief Society room. I think he was trying to give her kisses, but I'm sure he'll deny that later. Hee hee.

This month, we took to the kids on a hike to The Grotto. Do you want to guess who was excited about the hike and who was so perturbed that we forced her...uh, them, to hike?

It was a really easy hike, though, and by the time we got there, people forgot they were annoyed by forcing them to have family fun, that they actually enjoyed themselves! Win!
I love this goofy boy!

Jack carried Eliza for the entire hike!

I think Sheridan finally forgave us for dragging her along. Look how beautiful she is!

Cole clearly enjoyed soccer this month. I think he's showing off some sweet moves here.

We got to meet our friends' Corey and Jenni's new car addition. She's a beaut.

We also scored some tickets to a BYU game. We lost, which was stinky, but we got to hang out with Tyler's sister, Rebecca, so that was a win. Also, I forgot how to be a grownup and have normal faces in pictures. Oops.

I got a shot of Eliza's favorite game, steal the Take and Toss container from the other babies. She takes it, and she tosses it. It's good fun. She also like to take and toss socks (other babies' socks as well as her own), binkies, car keys, pens, and chapstick. Her dream is to someday take and toss someone's phone. 
Micah learned a new spell this month. Here, he's showing his bff, Richard, how to do the "Potato!" spell. Backstory: his siblings were running around the day before, casting curses at one another. Someone kept using the "Protego" spell--and that's certainly closer to a regular word than "Wingardium Leviosa." He must have thought the kids were running around pretending to turn one another into potatoes, so he thought he's show his friend. 

Amelia got to make a "moon cake" for science, lucky girl!

Tyler shaved off his beautiful beard. I miss his beard, but I'd also missed his whole face. I guess I win either way, because I have him!
Amelia loved to play goalie in soccer this year. It was fun to see her skills improving.

Sheridan got to make pizza for math class. I think kids these days get to have way more fun learning real life applications of math and science. 

Henry earned some more awards at Scouts this month. 
His response? "I actually passed off more stuff than this."
Oh, silly Henry!

Saturday, September 1, 2018

August started with Tyler and Jack off at Scout Camp. Sheridan decided she needed to make some chocolate-covered rice crispy hedgehogs to celebrate their return home.
Micah came down with what we thought was hand, foot, and mouth.
But then we were positive they were hives. He was covered head to toe with huge, itchy, red bumps.
He did not love being itchy, but he did love the view of "'Struction Behicles!" from the doctor's office! It turns out that he had erythemia multiforme, which is a fancy way of saying huge, itchy, red bumps that aren't hives, but also aren't contagious. 
Hooray for copays!

Eliza ate a lot of food in August. 
She makes a mess, but she's adorable!

Henry and Cole built this huge vehicle out of trios. They were, understandably, quite proud of their engineering feats.
The best part of August, though, was cousins visiting from New Jersey! 
We only got to hang out for 3 hours, but boy, did my kids love those three hours! These cousins are close to my kids' ages, so they have a blast together! Since they'd recently seen one another while we were out in NJ in July, they got straight to playing!
Melanie and Tyler clearly got the serious genes in the family.
It was only a short visit, but boy did my kids love seeing these cousins! Months later, Micah is still asking to play with "Webi" or "Go a New Jersey."

And then...
dun dun dun!
School started August 14th. It was too early!!!
Actually, the elementary started August 14th. Amelia was clearly delighted. How did Henry get SO OLD!?!
Amelia was actually very, very nervous about being in a class without her BFF. Fortunately, they ran into each other on the way to school, and all was well.
Henry was a tiny bit nervous, too, but he was mostly excited to start the school year.
The next day, Sheridan and Jack started school. HOW DO I HAVE 2 MIDDLE SCHOOLERS!?! 
Sorry, I'm still trying to process all the feelings! Jack is a giant, taller than me! Sheridan is almost 5 feet tall. They are growing up way more quickly than I have authorized.
Anyhow, with the biggest kids out of the way, Micah got straight to teaching Eliza how to pull everything out of drawers. She passed that skill with flying colors, and relishes cutting down the time it takes to empty a drawer on a daily basis. 
Who am I kidding? She practices that skill multiple times a day.
Finally, over a week after the bigger kids started school, Cole jumped into Kindergarten! He was so excited, I thought he might explode from all the feelings. Lots of mornings, he does explode from the feelings.
Fortunately, he has a few big siblings to teach him the ropes.

Now, lest you think life is boring with 5 of my 7 in school, Micah still puts on shows for Mom. This is his Taylor Swift act.
Micah also teaches Eliza all about Batman while the others are gone.

Tyler's Grandpa had an art display up in the Murray City Hall in August. So many of his favorite pieces were up on display for the month.

We also celebrated sixteen years of marital bliss in August. We stuck close to home to celebrate. Yay, Provo!
Another fun visit was with Tyler's freshman year roommate and his family. We got to have the over for dinner, but the kids were having so much fun together that they joined us for Amelia's first soccer game of the season! (And then we met up with them again at Thanksgiving Point a few days later.) It was so great to get to know their family!

Amelia's first soccer game was against the other neighborhood soccer team! 

Cole's first soccer game and he was brimming over with excitement! Seriously could not contain himself.

Micah loved going to Cole's games, because he got to play on the big slides. Seriously, that kid is fearless.
August was busy and crazy and mostly wonderful!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Updates don't mean up-to-date

I gave birth to another kid. Probably time for an annual blog update...

This is Eliza. We are all big fans. Full post to come!

Monday, October 31, 2016

The Force is Strong this October

Guys, it has nearly been a year.

Some day, I may get caught up on the past year. There have been some pretty intense downs and ups. It feels like more downs...and that's less-fun to blog about.

You know what IS fun to blog about?
My peeps.
Amelia completed her first season of soccer. She had a blast running around the field with 7 other Kindergartners. Things wrapped up before it got too chilly...oh, wait, as of the 31st it STILL hasn't gotten chilly!
All good things!
Henry had a field trip to the local Krishna Temple. Two words: Llama Races. Tyler chaperoned and a good time was had by all.
Tyler got to meet up with some friends of Latvian origin! They got to visit the "Light of the World" gardens at Thanksgiving Point, which features life-sized bronze statues of moments from Christ's life. You might not be able to see friends from Latvia if you go visit (your loss, for reals), but you can go see the uplifting statues at the Ashton Gardens. Love it!
Tyler got some shots of the kids in front of the gorgeous fall colors at a local park. It was a lovely, mild fall day. I was at the Super Saturday for Women at church. We all had a good time. Heh.
THIS KID HAD A BIRTHDAY!!! It is killing me a little bit that he's already one. ONE. This past year has gone by at speeds of lighting and molasses. I'm struggling with not really having been able to relish the past year. 
But Micah is such a sweetheart of a baby, we'll celebrate that Cole hasn't managed to maul him to death.
He got to try his own little fox cupcake! Micah was not sure what to make of the fire, but he knew just what to do with that cupcake. 
Smart little dude.
 He probably needed a bath afterwards. Micah has mastered the skill of saying, "Mama," "Dada," "Yay!" and "'i!" (which means, "hi"). He took his first steps this month and is really feeling the pressure to walk full-time. Probably so he can get away from Cole's "loving" a little more quickly. Micah eats pretty darn well. He's up to the 19th percentile for weight and the 85th for height. Huzzah for skinny babies!
Amelia celebrated Micah's birthday by losing a tooth! Her very first visit from the tooth fairy was everything she hoped and dreamed. She's been carrying around her silver dollar since then.
Jack had to take a 5 mile hike for Scouts, so I volunteered to go with him.
 I may be totally out of shape (ouch! My glutes!) but the fall views were worth it! The time with my firstborn: even more so. He sure can talk--for hours--about video games, but he has plenty of thoughtful insights about non-video game things, too. It was good for my muscles and good for my soul.
 Jack joined the Strings class after school and plays the bass. This kid has some serious musical talent. His first concert was last week and he rocked it, quite literally. He really enjoys the bass because it is too big to bring home, so he cannot practice every day!
 Sheridan had a Daddy/Daughter Donut Date for her Activity Day Girls activity this month. They had a great time together. She really flourishes with some serious one-on-one time.
Tyler took the kiddos to pick out pumpkins. Jack picked out a new look for himself, while he was at it.
Sheridan had to choose her fancy look as well!
Cole chose a green gourd that channeled its inner Jaba the Hutt. He calls this one, "Spooky Halloween."
No big surprise, Henry modeled his pumpkin after Pikachu (he's a Pokemon...Pikachu is, not Henry).
Jack got his idea for flying, horned eyeball from a video game. The boy got his stunning good looks from me.
 Sheridan decorated her pumpkin for her House-of-Choice from Hogwarts. She is still hoping to receive her Hogwart's letter in the next 2 years.
Amelia's cute little pumpkin is modeled after her favorite stuffed animal, Piplup.
Tyler also carved a pumpkin. His actually was award-winning at our church Halloween party. We have no pictures of that bad boy. Major fail.
Saturday, Tyler also took the kiddos to a concert put on by the Timpanogos Symphony Orchestra. They did a variety of Halloween songs and had the kids parade across the stage AND handed out candy. The kids ate it up. Sheridan did not want to wear her costume, but commandeered Tyler's when she realized she really DID want to participate in the festivities.

...And, on to the actual Halloween! I took the kids trick or treating downtown, what fun! Micah is on oxygen right now, though, and the cord got tangled in the stroller wheels whilst getting loaded back into the car, which led to my phone falling into the parking lot (unbeknownst to me), which led to me discovering that I'd lost my phone...which eventually led to a broken phone (yay for living in a city full of really honest people, one of whom contacted the husband and returned it while I was back at the scene searching for it!) and therefore some limited photo ops. Sigh.

Without further ado, this year's cast of characters!
 Rey, as seen in The Force Awakens!
 Queen Padme Amidala (in her Parade outfit from the VERY end of The Phantom Menace)
 R2D2 with upgraded body, as seen in every single Star Wars movie!
 Luke Skywalker as seen in Return of the Jedi!
 Wicket the Ewok, from Return of the Jedi!
Obi Wan Kenobi from The Phantom Menace!
 Their new film, "When Ewoks Escape!"
Star Wars Family Reunion
Happy Halloween, everyone!