Monday, October 31, 2016

The Force is Strong this October

Guys, it has nearly been a year.

Some day, I may get caught up on the past year. There have been some pretty intense downs and ups. It feels like more downs...and that's less-fun to blog about.

You know what IS fun to blog about?
My peeps.
Amelia completed her first season of soccer. She had a blast running around the field with 7 other Kindergartners. Things wrapped up before it got too chilly...oh, wait, as of the 31st it STILL hasn't gotten chilly!
All good things!
Henry had a field trip to the local Krishna Temple. Two words: Llama Races. Tyler chaperoned and a good time was had by all.
Tyler got to meet up with some friends of Latvian origin! They got to visit the "Light of the World" gardens at Thanksgiving Point, which features life-sized bronze statues of moments from Christ's life. You might not be able to see friends from Latvia if you go visit (your loss, for reals), but you can go see the uplifting statues at the Ashton Gardens. Love it!
Tyler got some shots of the kids in front of the gorgeous fall colors at a local park. It was a lovely, mild fall day. I was at the Super Saturday for Women at church. We all had a good time. Heh.
THIS KID HAD A BIRTHDAY!!! It is killing me a little bit that he's already one. ONE. This past year has gone by at speeds of lighting and molasses. I'm struggling with not really having been able to relish the past year. 
But Micah is such a sweetheart of a baby, we'll celebrate that Cole hasn't managed to maul him to death.
He got to try his own little fox cupcake! Micah was not sure what to make of the fire, but he knew just what to do with that cupcake. 
Smart little dude.
 He probably needed a bath afterwards. Micah has mastered the skill of saying, "Mama," "Dada," "Yay!" and "'i!" (which means, "hi"). He took his first steps this month and is really feeling the pressure to walk full-time. Probably so he can get away from Cole's "loving" a little more quickly. Micah eats pretty darn well. He's up to the 19th percentile for weight and the 85th for height. Huzzah for skinny babies!
Amelia celebrated Micah's birthday by losing a tooth! Her very first visit from the tooth fairy was everything she hoped and dreamed. She's been carrying around her silver dollar since then.
Jack had to take a 5 mile hike for Scouts, so I volunteered to go with him.
 I may be totally out of shape (ouch! My glutes!) but the fall views were worth it! The time with my firstborn: even more so. He sure can talk--for hours--about video games, but he has plenty of thoughtful insights about non-video game things, too. It was good for my muscles and good for my soul.
 Jack joined the Strings class after school and plays the bass. This kid has some serious musical talent. His first concert was last week and he rocked it, quite literally. He really enjoys the bass because it is too big to bring home, so he cannot practice every day!
 Sheridan had a Daddy/Daughter Donut Date for her Activity Day Girls activity this month. They had a great time together. She really flourishes with some serious one-on-one time.
Tyler took the kiddos to pick out pumpkins. Jack picked out a new look for himself, while he was at it.
Sheridan had to choose her fancy look as well!
Cole chose a green gourd that channeled its inner Jaba the Hutt. He calls this one, "Spooky Halloween."
No big surprise, Henry modeled his pumpkin after Pikachu (he's a Pokemon...Pikachu is, not Henry).
Jack got his idea for flying, horned eyeball from a video game. The boy got his stunning good looks from me.
 Sheridan decorated her pumpkin for her House-of-Choice from Hogwarts. She is still hoping to receive her Hogwart's letter in the next 2 years.
Amelia's cute little pumpkin is modeled after her favorite stuffed animal, Piplup.
Tyler also carved a pumpkin. His actually was award-winning at our church Halloween party. We have no pictures of that bad boy. Major fail.
Saturday, Tyler also took the kiddos to a concert put on by the Timpanogos Symphony Orchestra. They did a variety of Halloween songs and had the kids parade across the stage AND handed out candy. The kids ate it up. Sheridan did not want to wear her costume, but commandeered Tyler's when she realized she really DID want to participate in the festivities.

...And, on to the actual Halloween! I took the kids trick or treating downtown, what fun! Micah is on oxygen right now, though, and the cord got tangled in the stroller wheels whilst getting loaded back into the car, which led to my phone falling into the parking lot (unbeknownst to me), which led to me discovering that I'd lost my phone...which eventually led to a broken phone (yay for living in a city full of really honest people, one of whom contacted the husband and returned it while I was back at the scene searching for it!) and therefore some limited photo ops. Sigh.

Without further ado, this year's cast of characters!
 Rey, as seen in The Force Awakens!
 Queen Padme Amidala (in her Parade outfit from the VERY end of The Phantom Menace)
 R2D2 with upgraded body, as seen in every single Star Wars movie!
 Luke Skywalker as seen in Return of the Jedi!
 Wicket the Ewok, from Return of the Jedi!
Obi Wan Kenobi from The Phantom Menace!
 Their new film, "When Ewoks Escape!"
Star Wars Family Reunion
Happy Halloween, everyone!


Axel Jack Vigue said...

Love the costumes! That ewok sure does try to escape sometimes!